The conference

Publicado: 20/08/2010 en nutrition, Paleo/Primal, whatever

Whoa, I had been busy! After finish work on Monday, I went to a Body Combat class and the rushed home to pack my suitcase. The reason? I had a conference to attend on Monday and Wednesday. Sadly for me, the was no flight for me this time, I had an 9 – hours travel on bus ahead of me. Translate that to “5 hours changing positions in my uncomfortable seat, 4 hours of crappy sleep”.

The real challenge was sticking to the Primal Diet during this trip. For Tuesday, my plan was to fast all day until the conference was over, about 5 PM. I did this because I knew the kind of foods they’ll try to put in my mouth. Every coffee break had loads and loads of cookies. The Lunch Box was a sandwich, soda, and some dairy dessert with candy. What to do, to avoid all that?

I just left the hotel on every coffee break. 5 minutes later I came back, and people already had eaten EVERYTHING in sight. Seriously, they were like those black bugs from “The Mummy” movie! After 5 PM, I went to a food plaza and bought some healthy food. Like meat, and 2 side salads. But this was not a very good idea after all.

If I had been home, I could eat 4 scrambled eggs with bacon if necessary later at night. I couldn’t do that at the hotel. So when the munchies came later at night… not fun. Not fun at all. Leason learned: do not try intermittent fasting when not at home.

I survived on nuts, hard-boiled eggs and the dishes I bought at the food plaza. Even buying salads needed some planning because of the corn and peas and stuff, but I managed.

Anyways, after another uncomfortable trip on bus, I arrived directly to work today (Thursday). It was a hard day, both because of work (lots of patients) and because I was just tired. Now I’m finally chillin’ =)

I’ll take new progress pics on Sunday. I’ll keep breathing throught the week. The conference, the workouts, the diet, the travelling… it’s just overwhealming. I know of people who likes to have tons of things to do at the same time, but I’m not like that. *Just breath Rein, just breath*



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