My Vibram’s Five Fingers Review

Publicado: 29/08/2010 en Paleo/Primal, weights

(That’s Scooby there, my Akita pal)

Very early review, really. I have only wore them for just 1 week!!

When I finally open the package the day they arrived, I was VERY nervous about the size. How would I return the shoes back to the U.S. if they didn’t fit right? I tried them on – it took me like 10 minutes LOL – and even as I think I missed one toe somewhere, they were the perfect size! Pheew!

I wore them to my Body Combat class that same day. It was a very different class with the VFF, shall I say. The placement of my feet for the roundhouse kick was awful. Well, better said, I had to re-learn how to place my feet. Also, not having a snicker’s bounce after every jump made everything… odd. It’s gonna take some time. Do you know how many stares and questions I had after the class ended? None! Zero! No one freakin’ notice my fancy new shoes!! WTH??

Today, I wore them for weight lifting. My second weight lifting session wearing them, actually. Let me tell you, the squats are very different now. It’s something about how the force goes from your feet to the ground… something like that.

And today, somebody notice them! Well, it was actually one of the instructors, with a “tone”, saying “Don’t you know that you must wear snickers in the facility?” Like I was lifting barefoot and shirtless and living the weight plates anywhere and every station with sweat. The nerve! I do have gym etiquette!

First I was all 😡 ; then I was like ¬¬ . I had to explain to him. First he was all ¬¬ , then he was like :O ; then we both went all XD

*******Waaaaaaaaaait one second there. Let me go to a whole different topic for a bit. I downloaded the Primal Blueprint Fitness book for free on Mark Sisson’s website and read it. It’s all about bodyweight exercises, with a lot of variations for each exercise. Like starting the squat with your back in a wall, and later on, as you progress, do pistols squats (that’s in just one leg), and the like. Without trying it – or really noticing it – a trade the bench press for push-ups and the rows for chin-ups. This Primal Blueprint thing is tricky, it crawls into your head and you don’t even notice! OK, baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack to the VFF*********

After the gym, I was in the mood for a run. A very short one, since I had read that you must start slow in your VFF because of the soreness they’ll give you. You are working your feet and legs’ muscles in a whole different way with them on (the way they were designed to work, anyway), so you must take it easy at first. After 5 minutes of funny running I got a cramp in my right calf! I had to walk, stretch a bit, then run another 5 minutes and call it a workout. My feet are sort of sore now, but not that much. Like when you walk too much in regular shoes.

Final word: I’m loving my VFF!!!!

After that I made dinner, I’ll post that recipe tomorrow. It’s a hot soup, so if you are still in the summer happy time… may not be for you yet. I can’t wait for this winter to pass!

  1. gainNOmore dice:

    I really want to try these for the first time. Thank you for this post!

  2. I’ve been wearing VFF KSOs for 7 weeks now. I wear them for running, workouts, and just going to the store. I’ll get funny looks from people. I used to feel self-conscious but not so much any more. I always appreciate it when people ask me about them because they’re sincerely interested. I wish I could wear them to work… I might be able to get away with wearing the KSO Treks. 😉

    • darnfitness dice:

      I was asked about them today (one day after the post). The dude actually ask me “Are those the Vibrams?” Really, I might be wrong but this might be the only pair of these in Chile. I’m probably, wrong, since the dude knew the name. I explained how I bought them. He was intrigued. I felt cool LOL

  3. Glad you posted this, I’ve been thinking of getting a pair!

  4. Yum Yucky dice:

    Dude, you are more hardcore than I thought with all this exercising. As for Vibrams, I also fear I will order the wrong size. I better get ova that. I totally wants a pair.

    • darnfitness dice:

      Come on, it would be so easy for you to return them and have another size. You’re there, in the US. Also, it isn’t hard to measure your feet. You need a ruler and… nothing else.They are amazing!

  5. David dice:

    Funny how we both had foot picture posts. Hey aren’t those like just wearing socks? Enough support? I keep seeing people posting that they bought those but haven’t looked too deeply into the reasoning.

    • darnfitness dice:

      They definately change your stride. Some would say that our feet are designed to walk/run barefoot, and from an evolutionary point of view, that makes sense. Instead of landing in your heels, you land in your mid-foot when running barefoot, and your feet muscles work in a totally different way. So running barefoot should give you stronger feet and even the capacity to “type” with each toe! The Vibrams are a way to achieve this, but with more protection. They’re not just socks, the sole in thicker and will protect your skin from harm. But they don’t give you much support, wich is the whole point anyway; just your feet, the land, and in this case a protective layer of rubber between them.

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