Holiday’s binging

Publicado: 21/09/2010 en nutrition

OMG. I ate the world. Since I had a 4-days holiday, because of the 200th Chilean independence day, I thought it was OK to perform a little experiment on myself.

You can read that as “I’m going to eat everything in sight from friday to monday”. And of course, we aren’t talking primal/paleo food here. And the results were… unusual. Not at all what I expected. Oh, the important part: I ate everything in a 8-hours window, you know, the intermittent fasting way. So, let’s review what tha heck I was eating this last 4 days…

“Empanadas de horno”

At 600 kcal each, this puppies are loaded with carbs and fat. They are baked, but the fat content in the dough makes up for the flavor. The filling is chopped meat, onion, spices, a piece of hard-boiled egg and an olive. I can eat 3 in just one sitting.

“Empanadas fritas”

The wicked sister of the above empanada, it’s smaller so you can think you’re eating less. Of course, I ate like 8 in one sitting. The filling is the same, but this evil SOB’s are deep fried.


It is what it is. A sausage, and bread. My “serving” is two of these (after all the empanadas).


Finally, we got to the sugar! This pastry evilness if filled with dulce de leche and some coconut too. I had like a whole truck of these.

“Asado al palo”

It doesn’g get more Paleo than this. Just stick dead animal on some huge iron sword-like thingy, and stay by the fire for hours, rotating it endlessly. Drink during the activity liberally.


I drank buckets of wine. It was good. Chilean wines are famous for being good (at least, that’s what we believe). Buckets.


Deep-fried dough and hot salsa. Do I need to say anything about this? Calorie galore.

So, to the results of this immoral orgy of calories and bad eating!!!!

I think I look puffier. I believe it’s the carbs. But the thing is, my all-natural caliper (grabbing my belly fat with my hands) shows readings of leaner-ness. And after eating 4 days like this, but using the intermittent fasting method, I lost 2 pounds since last week. Yeah, you can read that again, I LOST 2 POUNDS since last week. And I’m trying to stop losing weight!

So, I got two options. One, this is actually a body recomposition thing; or two, I’m dying. Nah, that last one would give me other symptoms, right?

  1. Wes dice:

    Haha! I loved this post! You sound like me last weekend when I pigged OUT on french fries, beer, cookies, and any and all deep fried foods I could find. I enjoyed it, but totally regretted it later. Why is it that we always learn our lessons the hard way!?


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