Long fitness hiatus

Publicado: 03/10/2010 en whatever

Pffftt… long time no see, uh? Well, let me cut right to the chase on the why I haven’t writing and why I will get my mojo back. It started like 2 weeks ago, I catched a little cold and stopped working out. That lasted about 7 days, the feeling of “I don’t wanna work out today” and the like. You know the feeling, I’m sure.

Then, last friday, after a week of not working out (yet I did the intermittent fasting thing) I felt like crap. Then really, really hot. Then the headache came, and then, it was the sweats. Then felt really cold. Then I started to shiver. “Oh, shit”, I thought. “This doesn’t look good”.

It was the Influenza virus, baby! And boy, it got me good. I got a high fever, I send some Tylenol down my gulliver but sadly, it just wasn’t enough. The fever wouldn’t come down. Then I took some other, more expensive crap and that seemed to work – for a few hours. I was suppose to take that pill every 8 hours, but after only 4 hours the fever would rise up again. So, I overmedicated. I know…

I changed my clothes every 4 hours this past week as well. I sweated so much… It was like Clinton while saying “I did not had a ***** relationship with that woman. Oh, that stain in her dress? I bet it’s just mayo. I mean, just look at her. She looks like she eats a lot of hot dogs, right? RIGHT? Hillary, high five? Uh, no highfive? Oh well =(”

I couldn’t bare to stay in bed because it was so wet from all the sweating. Gross. My head was killing me, I couldn’t watch TV or the PC’s monitor because the light hurted my eyes… ugly days, let me tell ya.

And I think it got into my ears as well. I felt – and kinda feel now as well – sort of dizzy. Any sudden movements would result in dizzyness. So any kind of cardio was ruled out, specially the high kicking and twisting of Body Combat.

And then there was the eating. OMG. Any other day, I would have made a better choice. Chicken and rice for dinner? Pass me the chicken, but I’ll cook some veggies for myself, thanks you very much! But this past week I didn’t felt like cooking veggies. I barely felt like eating. So I ate the rice, the pasta, and somehow that led to allow some pastry and cake… let’s not even go there. Please, just don’t. I bet you can get the picture. The whole, pig-like picture.

There was a lot of kleb eating. Toasted kleb with butter, with jam…. with eggs. Kleb’s galore. Carb’s galore. FML.

So today, after a 2 week’s hiatus I went back to the weight lifting room. Damn. It went… bad. Well, actually good. I mean I went, I lifted I little, so that is good. But I wasn’t lifting the same weight I lifted my last time. I went out of breath during dips… I still have some bronchitis so… cough cough. I’m planning to return to the weights tomorrow as well.  At least I hope so.

I don’t even want to think about how many new post I have on google reader. I’m way behind my blogs’ reading schedule. I hope I’ll start reading your blogs tomorrow… and I’m actually afraid of going to work on Monday. After a week’s absense, I can only imagine tthe amount of work waiting for me… *shudders*

So, there is my life this last couple of weeks. Huge carb loading, no exercise, and high fevers. Great. Damage control will take like a month. Go me.

  1. David dice:

    Ah hard times. Hang in there. Glad you’re coming out of it.

  2. Yum Yucky dice:

    Can wait to see you back in action. It’s all about you getting well. A sexy sick man just ain’t a cool as a sexy WELL man. xoxo


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