Low Mojo

Publicado: 12/10/2010 en whatever

I feel like I run out of fitness mojo. After the flu, the gym kicked my ass pretty bad, and I was very sore last week. And I think that I used the soreness as an excuse for not working out. Sure, I must wait until full recovery until I workout again, but how exactly my sore legs were stopping me for doing an upper body workout?

Then, last Saturday I felt OK but you know, I was too busy baking some primal cake so I didn’t worked out. I can always go to the gym on Sunday, right?

Sunday came and I didn’t go to the gym either. I was busy watching The Simpsons.

Monday was a holiday, and I had planned a run. It’s been forever since I go out there and just run. Guess what, I seated in my ass all day.

So today, I’m suppose to hit the gym after work… I hate the Lazy Kid in me.



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