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OK people, I think I figured this thing out. The last few weeks I had been in bad place, because 1) I stopped blogging, 2) I dreaded the weights and 3) I felt too skinny.

Let me explain number 3 a bit. I’m 1,71 meters of height (5′ 7” feet) and when I started this weight loss journey I weighted about 90 kilos (198 pounds). 2 weeks ago, I weighted about 61 kilos (134 pounds) and some sort of abs where starting to develop. I guessed that, maybe if I manage to lose another 5-10 pounds…

But that would be wrong. I mean, is it worth it to look like a skeleton just to have some abs to show? NO. 134 pounds in a 5′ 7” frame. A male frame. I cannot take this any further down, wont you agree?

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Ed. Ooops, typo. I meant ED.

So I started to eat more. Today, I’m 3 kilos heavier and not really that much “fatter” (I’m talking about the stomach area). I still want a six pack but not at this low weight. And you are suppose to eat more to gain muscle if you’re lifting, right?

Oh, but I dreaded the gym. I get home from work about 7 PM and the gym trip is about 2 hours, if you count everything around it.

– Change into workout clothes and prepare gym bag: 15 minutes

– Drive there, get into the weight room: 15 minutes.

– Warm up: 6 minutes.

– Actual time lifting weigth (whole body WO): 1 hour

– Shower and stuff: 20 minutes

– Drive back: 15 minutes.

TOTAL: 2+ hours

Ugh. And that’s not counting the 3 Body Combat classes per week.

So, I figured out that I was overtrained, underfed and tired of it. And starting to resemble a skeleton. So I made new fitness rules, been working by them this last week and felt great! These are the

REIN’S NEW RULES OF FITNESS (insert fanfare here)

Golden rule, it can cancel out all the other rules:


Good, I took care of that one.

RULE #1: Keep it short. I’m allowed to be in the weight room for 30 minutes, including the warm up. To be able to do that, I designed a split routine (upper body and back/legs days). Only four exercises per day. Short rest periods. Intense sets. Get the hell out of there as fast as possible.

RULE #2: Keep it coming. I must train 4 days a week, no more nor less. Since the workouts are really short, they must be also numerous.

RULE #3: Keep on fighting: I’ll assist to 2 Body Combat classes per week (1 less class). It’s just too much fun!

RULE #4: Keep it over 2,000 cal: wich is manteinance. A little superplus is expected and desired.

RULE #5: Keep them size 40: pants, that is. This rule might cancel out #4 for a short time.

RULE #6: Keep it hippie: paleo foods plus dairy, doing intermittent fasting on workdays. AKA the hippie stuff.

There you have them. I think these rules are easy for me to follow, so we’ll see what happens. Later.

  1. Tony dice:

    thanks for commenting on my blog. You seem to know your stuff compared to most people out there. I’ve never tried the paleo diet,especially not paired with IF, but if it works for you, then go for it. Honestly, I think you should concentrate on putting on mass and gaining muscle. No pictures, so obviously can’t say that for sure, but just from your stats and what you said, I think that’s the way to go.


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