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*Warning: extreme techniques for losing body fat are included in this post. Maybe they’re not entirely healthy, so don’t be a moron and copy them without reading the books I mention, or blame me for any inconvenience you might experiment if you do copy them, even if you DO read the books.*

Yeah, I bet that warning just made you curious, uh? Yes, the things I’m doing for my “cutting phase” are pretty advanced, extreme and maybe dangerous. So don’t jump and copy them, OK?

The problem about writing this blog post is where to draw the line on HOW MUCH I can tell you about what I’m doing. It’s not like I don’t wanna tell you, but the info and techniques are included in two e-books that people sell over the Internet and I don’t know where the line between commenting and plagiarizing is. That being said…


OK, yes, it is a DIET. Like the ones you go on and then off. It cames from Lyle McDonald’s “The Rapid Fat Loss Handbook”. I bet you already heared about Lyle, and if you don’t, are you living under a rock? He’s just THE guru of fat loss. In his great site, BodyRecomposition, Lyle talks about everything about fat loss and training, and his signature is always back up with studies everything he says. A very science-oriented guy. The e-book I’m talking about costs $39.95.

So what is this about? Well, if I must say something about it, I’ll say is about eating just enough to not drop dead. You don’t need to worry about fat, because you want to use your own body fat for your fat requirements (hormones, ketones, and the like). And we have no need for carbs either, since the body can make enough carbs to keep on existing. So you basically eat just protein. And just a little, enough grams to keep your muscles from going away and that’s it. Oh, and fibrous carbs as lots of veggies.

He gives you a formula (you need to know your lean body mass) to calculate your required protein intake. For example,  I must eat two small cans of tuna, a protein shake and half a big chicken breast (like the whole left side) to meet the 155 grams of protein I need daily. Everything else is just salads of veggies with only vinegar/lemon juice and salt & pepper as dressing.

And that’s all I eat. Ever. Well, he does give you advice on how to supplement minerals, vitamins, fish oil, and a few “cheat” meals. He throws a carb refeed here and there. How much cheat meals per week? How much carbs for refeed? You need to buy the e-boook for that. Because he talks about three different kinds of people (according to body fat percentage) and every group gets different numbers of cheat meals and refeeds. He also tells you how long you can keep on this diet, and how to return to a normal eating schedule.

So basically I had been eating about 800 cal per day, most days. I know. Don’t give me that look. Summer is coming on this side of the globe.

I just need to keep this going until New Years’ day. Then it’s over, and I’ll switch to Paleo with some not-so-poisonous carbs here and there (like in no gluten stuff).

So, how can you eat so little and not die from the hunger? Easy. Intermittent fasting, of course. I just kept doing what I was doing: not eating until 4 PM. Then I have the 2 cans of tuna, and the whey shake. I feel full from all that. Plus the popping of pills! Then I workout, then I get home to the huge half chicken breast and a big ass salad. And there are the cheat meals. And the carb refeed.

I had been on it for 3 weeks now.

And that leads to…


Another e-book. A really good one, as well. This jewel comes from Rusty Moore, and it’s called “Visual Impact”. I LOVED this e-book. It just made so much sense to me. I just wanna go back to be a jock. And maybe, all those deadlifts and squats and bench presses were keeping me AWAY from returning to jock-land. This e-book is all about how to get a slim, “Hollywood” phsyque, not a bodybuilder phsyque.

The slim, Hollywood look has long, not too muscular legs. Think Ryan Reynolds. Enphasis on the shoulders, arms, pecs and lats, but not overdoing it. ATHLETIC, not powerlifter physique. Does that makes any sense to you?

Rusty has a 3 phased programme. One to build muscle. another that’s a hybrid between build muscle and strenght, and the last one being pure strenght. Oh, and the bonus phase, he calls it the “Skin-wrap phase”. Basically you get smaller in the end, then push the muscle size gains with a vengeance. Sure, most of it might be just water, but since your skin has shrunken down, the new size “fills” the shrunken down skin and you look great. IF you get that lean, of course. And it last for months. It’s not just a carb refed that makes your muscles look bigger for a few days. It’s like a big handful of months. How hat magic can happen? Well, think about he only supplement that’s scientifically proven, and keeps water inside your muscles as long as you are taking it…. did you get it?

So, that’s what I had been doing so far. Just 3 more weeks before returning to Paleo, wich I loved. I wanna eat my 2 cups of cauliflower rice, fried in 3 big Tbsp of lard and garlic, a side of avocado, and a huge steak. I wanna eat that, boy I wanna.

I realized must of you reading this are in the winter season. So you couldn’t care less about my summer, right? But I must tell you this: You are just in time to start Rusty More’s programme, if you feel like it, and two: the info on Lyle’s e-book  is just priceless. He gives you info about how your body works, hormonally and the like, so true that really, he is a non-BS author.

PS: I realize that many of the links I posted goes to a “selling/buy-my-crap” page. I’m NOT an affiliate to them. I will not earn a dime if you bought their books. I just post them because I believe on the stuff they’re saying. Peace.



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