Trip to the hot springs

Publicado: 15/12/2010 en Sin categoría

What a relaxing day I had yesterday! It all started with a conversation with a friend about cortisol, then stress, and before we know it- we had this trip planned out.

Luckily, I live a 2 hours-drive from home to the hot springs.  1 hour from where I work a city that has this big baby in the background:

A volcano and a lake,  beatiful sight!

Anyway, we left early very late and ended up there at lunch time. My guess was that I’ll be doing some sort of Intermittent Fasting scheme… but we went right to the restaurant for BIG not-paleo meal.

After the bread and butter mix they always give you at restaurants (and a regular soda, ups), this entree came in:

I usually dislike mashed avocado, but inside the ham it was alright. Normally this month, this is a full size meal for me (volume like), so I ate it and kinda feel full.

Then, it cames the carbonada. It’s just soup with noodles, potatoes, veggies and meat:

But it was not over. Then came the main course, meat and potatos…

And a HUGE salad, that I tried to eat with my bunny teeth:

Yes, I cut my hair and shave my beard! I don’t look 30 y/o, do I?

I was breathing heavily from all that food, but who can say no to pears as dessert?

And the coffee, to wash it all down!

After all that food I was more than stuffed. I had to walk slowly! I should had take pics of myself in a bathing suit BEFORE the meal! *facepalm*

I tried two baths, one high on Pottasium and another high on Lithium. I have no idea what were they for. General aches, I suppose.

I also enjoyed the pool!

Then I drowned….

Nah, just kidding, I’m alive!

Then I enjoyed some sun!!

  1. Yum Yucky dice:

    I wanna hang out with you and see mountain. And eat small plates of food (wait, huh?) and lay at the bottom of the water and then take in the sun! And you look so different now. In a good way of course. YOU are doing fantastic!

  2. Yum Yucky dice:

    Hold it! That meat and potatoes dish. I need me that. That thing looks hella good!

  3. Jay dice:

    Such a relaxing and care-free day, nice!

    And I agree that plate of meat and potatoes looked great.. if I didn’t just eat breakfast I could easily down that plate. Lol..

  4. […] boxer like the other guys at the pool. I decided I could pull it off. Guess what, I can! (As seen in this post).The difference with the regular swimsuit is like the night and day. You just glide trought the […]


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