Visual Impact Bonus Phase: the “before” pics

Publicado: 23/12/2010 en Sin categoría

Yay! I just completed Phase III of the “Visual Impact” program. Things aren’t perfect as I would like it to be, but hey, I did what I could in the little time I had.

To recap (and for you to understand any of these words), the program has 3 phases:

Phase I: Just pure muscle hypertrphy. It worked wonders on me, maybe because I never used that kind of training.

Phase II: A hybrid between hypertrophy and strenght. Similar to what I had been doing the last year.

Phase III: Pure strenght training. Some muscle volume is lost, and that’s actually desirable. You also diet hard on this phase.

Each phase lasts 2 months. So it’s a six months – at least – program. I only had 4 months before summer. So I did 1 month of Phase I, 2 months of Phase III, and now I have 1 month for the Bonus Phase . This last phase (that last 1 month, so you can add everything and say it’s actually a 7 months program) focus on regaining all the hypertrophy from Phase I and then some, while manteining low body fat and focusing in upper body.

I didn’t do it the way I was suppose to do it. I short it to 4 months, and never get as lean as I was suppose to see really jaw-dropping results. But I guess I’ll see SOME results 😀

Now, I know I’m not telling you much about what this program is actually about. But bare with me. I don’t wanna get an e-mail from Rusty (the author) saying “WTF! You just plaguiarized my content in your blog! Take it down, now!” But for what it’s worth, the program only cost $47 and it actually makes sense. He’s a non-BS kind of guy, and I loved the way he assambled his program. I like it so much, I’m gonna do it again after summer is over!

But I digress. Let’s just say this: Phase III is all about getting stronger and smaller; the Bonus Phase is all about regaining the size and then some, while keeping the new strength. With that in mind, let me introduce you to (WOW, I haven’t posted some of these in a while) the favorite of everyone: semi-naked pics of yours truly 😀

DO NOT NOTICE: the mess with my shoes and try to not looking straight at the crotch. DO NOTICE: VFF for the win!

DO NOT NOTICE: Embarrasing sun burn. DO NOTICE: the sexy butt 😛

So there you go. I’ll be back in 30 more days with new pics. Of course, that doesn’t mean I wont post until next month! I’m thrilled to be hosting this Xmas at my house, and I’m forcing everybody to eat Paleo appetizers. They will never know! So lots of pics of food coming. See you then!

  1. Kerri O dice:

    Paleo appetizers…sounds yum to me! 😉

  2. Yum Yucky dice:

    Dude! you’ve got a cute butt. (err, am I allowed to say that?)
    I’m looking forward to your progress. Keep at it!


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