Sweet Xmas!

Publicado: 27/12/2010 en nutrition, Paleo/Primal, whatever

Dude, I think I ate my house!

People came over my house for Christmas, and as the host, I decided I was going  to make the foods as Paleo-friendly as I could. I tried. I didn’t work out LOL

I did prepare Deviled Eggs (they were a hit!) and Chiken Wings. Oh and Sausage & Bell Peppers appetizers. But I also bought chips. And cake. And Christmas cookies. And milk chocolate with almonds. And I ATE. I also inhaled Turkey with Potato Salad. Oh, and rum. Lots of rum. I almonst became a pirate from all that rum – I certanly started to speak funny, pirate like, and had some walking issues after all that booze!-.

I ended up going to bed at the sweet time of 7 AM. Gosh. 4 hours later, I had to wake up for a trip to the in-laws. Worst. Hungover. Ever.

Over there, there was sugar time. More cookies. More potatoes. Fried goods. And more alcohol.

All that time, I just repeated to myself “It’s not about what you do one day, it’s how you stick to your goals the rest of the year”. Yeah, I didn’t buy it either, still felt guilty while I shoved all that food down my throath! But now, it’s over. Well, until next Friday, when the party will continue 😛

So, today I’m back on track. I’m currently following the Paleo Diet 80% of the time, and also doing Eat Stop Eat, wich requieres me to just take a break from eating one or two times a week.

Ugh, just realized I have to pay my gym membership today… for the whole 2011. Dammit!



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