Swimming classes

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Since yesterday I started to attend to swimming classes at my local YMCA. I’m very excited!

I took swimming classes about 2 years ago, and I really liked it. But then I went all crazy in the self-mutilating deparment and got the nipple piercings you probably have seen already in the progress pics. Those take about 4 months to fully heal, and swimming in pools are a big no-no during the healing process. And before I realized it, I stopped swimming.

Anyway, I’m back now. About a month ago I decided to get back with the classes, and after a very hard discussion with myself, we settle (Me and my IronicSelf) that I could buy a speedo boxer like the other guys at the pool. I decided I could pull it off. Guess what, I can! (As seen in this post).The difference with the regular swimsuit is like the night and day. You just glide trought the water. No more embarrasing bubbles when you first get in the pool, and the friction is minimal (all that fabric really slow you down!).

The first class went smooth; basic floating and the arrow, wich I love/hate. I really  love/hate the arrow. It’s so freaking demanding. Wait, what’s the arrow, you ask?

You put both your extended arms in front of you, one hand over the other, forming an “arrow” or “sword” position. Then you propel yourself with your legs forward, and in this aero waterdinamic ??? position, you travel trough the water without moving for as long as you can. Easy, right?

Level 2 is kicking with your legs, splashing as much water as you can to propel yourself even further. Easy as well (if you kick underwater, you simply do not move. Go figure).

Then comes the tricky part. As you may know, females have more fat than males (you lucky chicks!) and fat floats. I sink. So my arrow starts in the top part of the water, but slowly turns into a diving exercise, not a swimming one. I can try to keep on top of the water by kicking, but it’s easier said than done in the long run… Then they ask you to take a breath to the side, and keep the arrow+kicking thing. You can’t use your arms, because they are forming the arrow. You’re slowly sinking. You move your head to the side to take a breath, but you don’t find air, instead you inhale water and swallow a sip of stinky water, stop the exercise and cough your lungs out.

The extra hard part: my teacher say that if I wanna float, I need to relax. When I see myself sinking, I DO NOT relax. It would be so much easier if she let me use my arms (like in real swimming ¬¬’) and the breathing thing would be a piece of cheese cake. But this arrow thing… gets in my nerves.

So, I need to relax. Even with the most basic of floating exercises, I find my neck contracted or whatever part of my obscenely hot body decides to acummulate stress. It’s easier to run or jump and feel pain and lactic acid than to relax in a pool – at least for me-. It’s a whole different fitness animal. One that I’m not too familiar with.

The sad part: this is a short term love affair. I’ll be living the pool AGAIN around March. The reason? Ugh, I don’t want to call them “New Year’s Resolutions”. Really, I don’t. Trust me, if you have a blog and wrote those down, I read it. I had the time. Like a whole afternoon reading fitness and health blogs about the NYR’s. But I refused to write that same post. Because that would JINX it. Like an amazing bloggler said: “This year, I think I just want to be“.

But I do have some stuff that I wanna get done. I have two piercings that I had been waiting to get done for like years (I’ll spare you the kinky details, but if you think like me, your mind already went to the sewers when I said “kinky”), and a flowers/lilypads sleeve tattoo in my right calf. I had actually dreamt about me having the tattoo, walking around. Both this projects forbids me to go into the pool for several months. One of the piercings is a known bitch to heal (in some cases, 6 months).  The sleeve takes a lot of time and healing to get done (one part done, wait two-three weeks. Repeat A LOT).

So I’m just going to enjoy my swimming as long as I can, trying to learn and practice as much as can and then I’ll go to the tattoo/piercing hiatus. Then I’ll be back with a vengeance, I hope I don’t forget everything in the process! But you know? Just 2 hours in the water, this last 2 classes, and it’s all coming back to me. Maybe it’s like riding a bike?

  1. Tricia dice:

    sounds like a great class

  2. You are far braver than me with any piercings whatsoever, and I’m currently trying to decide if I want to get the one tattoo I have removed. 🙂

    Your swim classes sound far tougher than the ones Tina and I occasionally do. We’re doing Aqua Zumba on Saturday morning. I’m glad it doesn’t require actual swimming ability, because while I can swim, I am VERY slow.


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