Swimming class #3

Publicado: 07/01/2011 en cardio

Big change in class today!! We  got a new trainer!!

Finally! I mean, we were 7 people in the class with very different backgrounds on this swimming thing. 4 of us wanted to polish our crawl technique to look smooth. The other 3 never met a pool, and had trouble just sticking their face in the water without panicking.

So they split us into 2 swimming classes. Good thing, I ended up in the “advanced” split AND get to learn from the same guy that trained me about 2 years ago!

Anyways, what we practiced:

– Vertical floating. Sure, most people can stay vertical while kicking and moving the arms. But have you tried to stick your extended arms in the sides of your body and fully extend your legs (without kicking), and still manage to float AND BREATHE for over 3 minutes? Yes, it can be done! Tip: tilt your head up!

– We practiced the arrow and the kicking. We learn that a slower, more wide kick is better than a fast, almost sprint-like short kick. Sure, you don’t get to move as fast, but you don’t burn yourself out.

– We practiced relaxing the knees and heels while kicking. All the force comes from the hip (where the huge muscles are) and the rest of leg just follows along without doing any real  effort.

– Also we dive into the deep floor of the pool. And touch the bottom. Cool.

Also, even if a few years went since I took swimming lessons with him, my trainer still remembers my name. And he remembers seeing me at some 5K races. And he had the freaking nerve to dare me to run a 10K in April. What do you think, should I bite?

Oh, I almost forgot! I have news in the hiatus-from-swimming thing. If you click the “previous entry” link at the bottom of this post, you’ll read that I’m planning to get done two mistery piercings and a sleeve tattoo sometime after March. Since I can’t swim in a public pool during healing, and the healing period of one of those piercings is about 6 months, my plan was to enjoy the pool as long as I could and giving this up for almost half a year.

But I did a little bit of researching, and it turns out I can still swim all-year around, even while healing the piercings! Turns out they (who are THEY, anyway?) came up with a patch that you can wear in a wound and shower and swim and whatever. Think a waterproof sleeve plastic thing that you can wear to the shower while wearing a casket for a broken arm. It’s the same, but as a patch.

That will take care of one of the piercings to get in contact with the pool water. The second piercing… well, I don’t want to just say it, but ok, I’ll just say the solution involves an anticonceptive method and a rubber band. Don’t ask, I wont tell.

With the tattoo sleeve, I’m fucked. But I just need to wait about 2 weeks between tattoo sessions so I can get some swimming done in between. I found a tattoo artist that’s just amazing. He sweats talent. I can’t wait for the summer to be over!

  1. Awesome on the swimming class. We actually took an aqua class this morning as well, but it involved no swimming. Aqua zumba. I have a hunch I would have been in the super beginner group in your class.

    As for your piercings, truly, literally, have no words. You are either far braver or crazier than I am. Maybe both. 🙂

  2. darnfitness dice:

    I posted a comment from your earlier comment (wait, that makes any sense?) on the earlier post, but wordpress decided to give me attitude…
    The point was that I’m a pussy when it comes to piercings or tats or whatever. I sweat like a pig 72 hours before the actual piercing. I cry a little inside my head afterwards. I do feel RAPED afterwards. I’m as coward around pierciengs as the guy next door.

    But I got my nuts together and actually come trought the thing. I don’t regret my 3 pierciengs at all, but boy it was a fight with myself to actually get them done (and expanding them to the next size too),. I feel the scare too, I just jump into the pool before checking if the pool has water or not. But I hate needles…

  3. Sierra dice:

    Um.. I vertical float really well because I’m fat. My friends at school would be really jealous when we went to the pool and I could hang out in the deep end for hours like that. Usually with my arms crossed and my ankles crossed. No movement whatsoever. Having built-in water wingies is awesome.

    I’m terrified to go swimming after I lose all this weight. I don’t think I really know how to swim. haha.

    And piercings are nothing, ya crazy!


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