DailyMile, a 5K run, and an muscle growth experiment

Publicado: 10/01/2011 en Sin categoría

Take that blog post title, Google!

Three things  I’m dying to talk you about.

First: DailyMile.com. I joined this site because some other bloggers push me into it (yes, peer pressure). And I was dissapointed at it. At first sight, it was just a site to log your running and share those stats with others. How many km was your run? Your pace? All cool, but at the time I was more focused at weight training and Body Combat.

Anyway, I re-checked the site and I was wrong! You can totally enter other fitness activities, even the ones that aren’t on their list (Hello, Body Combat), just log the time you were working out and share! Think of it as a Fitness Facebook. Yeah, it’s exactly like that. A Fitness Facebook.

So, if your workout was shoveling snow (then you’re a gringo) or swimming at the beach (then you’re latin, from Europe or a kiwi), you log your activity and your friends can comment. It also updates automatically to twitter and Facebook. If you like it, or already use it, add me! I *think* you can add me from that link ;D

Second: Yesterday I just grow some nuts and said “I’m going out for a run”. I haven’t really run since like, OCTOBER 2010. I just went for it. It wasn’t easy, but doable. I walked for a minute like, 4 times. I was impressed at the end of the run, my Iphone app said I run 5,2 Km!!! You can check my stats here, if you want to (it’s boring stuff, but you might wanna check it out anyway. And laugh at my pussy pace). The point being that I haven’t run a 5K since 3-4 months ago, yet I can still pull one off!

And third, but not least: Today I did and experiment on my self. I can’t go into details this early, really. Let me just say in involves brutalize one muscle for 5 hours. Yeah. Then eat and let it rest for a week. I took “before” pics and measurements. Results, history and methodology will be posted next Sunday. Here goes nothing!

  1. Yum Yucky dice:

    “brutalize one muscle for 5 hours”. Ummmm… so glad I didn’t take that outta context. I’m dying to be a snow-shoveling gringo, but husband won’t let me. And yeah, we’re all reayd friends on DailyMile, so take THAT!!


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