Last swimming lesson

Publicado: 15/01/2011 en cardio, Paleo/Primal

That’s a rap! We did a little bit of everything: kicking in the “sword” position, kicking with the belly up, swimming with props, etc.

I did good on everything except kicking facing up and arms making the sword position. I just sank. Like a “face up submarine”. Well, not sank into the actual bottom. I was *so close* to be out of the water, just a few inches under it. Still, that’s not enough to breath in 😦

And what is the solution, according to my coach? R-E-L-A-X my arms. But I’m fucking drowning!!! I guess it comes down to a lot of practice….

Of actual crawl swimming I did 3 laps (to the other side and back) and the pool’s length it’s 25 meters. So that’s 0,15 kilometers!! Wait, why are you making that “confused gringo” face? Oh, I get it. Alright, alright!!! I’ll do it!! Sheeez! Wait a minute *goes to google* …  OK, that would be 500 feet. Not to shabby for the untrained 30 y/o smoker, huh?

The most important thing I learned with the lessons: I need to shut up “the voice”!!! You know the voice. The one that tells you “You need to stop!! You can’t do this anymore, just walk!!” when you’re running. The voice that tells you “You… can’t… lift this!!” at that last rep in the weight room. In the pool, the voice yells at you “Breath in every arm movement (Jeez, what’s the english word for the arm move?) or you’ll drown. OK, you are drowning!!! Stop and breathe! BREATHE!!!!”

But in reality, if you would make the same moves on land, it’s not really that demanding. A little kicking that you can do forever, and a little arm moves. Nothing fancy about 1 time breathing in, 3 times breathing out. You could probably do it for minutes and minutes until you need to stop for the muscle burn, not because of your breathing.But in the water, you feel like  it’s like a marathon condensed in a few seconds. Like your heart is going to beat off your chest, explode and live your lifeless corpse floating around in a pool of your own blood!!! That’s “the voice” trying to make you panic. That’s when you need to relax. That’s why you just need to practice.

Turns out that swimming, just like running, it’s tougher on your mind than on your body.

Oh well, after the class was over, the whole team (attendees and couch, and her boyfriend) went to a Chinese restaurant to celebrate. Wich gets me to my next point: Diet Hard 3: with a vengeance. I had been slacking off with what I eat. Eating way to much bad carbs. Just check my previous post. I little bread with butter here, french fries there… so, I’m getting late on the Paleo Challenge! Clean, good eating Paleo for the rest of January. If I couls eat those carbs and be OK, it would be fine. But I had been keeping my same level of exercise, plus added the swimming lessons, yet  the belly has grown. A little bit, I’m still a skinny fuck, but some fatty growth can be seen. So, that.

A salute to @Irun2BeFit, she’s starting to swim as well. This is her blog, BTW ;-D



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