Fucked up Weekend

Publicado: 18/01/2011 en Sin categoría

Oh frack. Well, as I already use the eff word in the title… oh FUCK!

I catched a cold. A bad one. It hurts to swallow, to breathe, my left ear hurts, if I blow up my nose my left ear goes PUFF! and then I’m dizzy for like 5 minutes. I haven’t really checked, but some mild fever might be there somewhere.

My plans were to run on Saturday, maybe 6K… weights, swim a lot… I just sat down on my ass. And felt dizzy. And then felt bad about it for a little bit, then dizzy again. This was no place to squat. What if this dizzyness cames while I squat? What if I fall, with that weight on my body, for the dizzyness? What if I hurt someone?

Anyway, Saturday and Sunday were off days. I spent them on the bed, sweating and with muscular discomfort. And coughing. And dizziness, and a running nose.

Today, Monday, I felt better so I said: “Oh, what the hell, let’s get a Body Combat class and then a 30 minutes swim”. Not that I wanted to swim that much, but I needed a reason to wear the skin tight swimsuite again 😉  But, What Da Ya Know? The whole freaking dome (they use a fabric dome over the pool) was down. Like the earthquake, all over again. So the pool was closed.

I just went on to the BodyCombat class. Oh well, life gets hard, so grow some pair, prince!!!

Tomorrow is weights. And I haven’t measure anything about my “muscle building experiment”. Hope tomorrow I will. Just don’t get your hype high and think I discovered the bones of Jesus. I’m expecting a FAIL for it… but let’s just measure, and then talk abou it, ok?

  1. Dude, colds suck! Glad you are feeling better. I am usually out for a good two weeks when I get sick. Knock on wood, nothing yet this year.


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