Working out again, after being sick

Publicado: 20/01/2011 en cardio, weights, whatever

Ugh. Tuesday I skipped my workout because I still felt dizzy from my ear inflammation. Luckly it wasn’t an infection, but still. What ARE infected still? My eyes. I need to put some drops every 4 hours, wich freaks me out everytime!! EYE don’t think I can take the drops any longer, and yeah, bad pun…

So, Wednesday was a “OMG! What are those bumps in my groin? Oh relax, you just grow a pair” kind of day. Even with the nose running, even with the mild discomfort in the ear, even with the cough and the itchy eyes, I went to the gym for some weight lifting. It was a nice upper body workout of pecs, shoulders, arms and forearms I like to call…. “Workout C”. And yes, there is an “A” and a “B” as well. And no, I’m not groundbreaking at naming stuff, obviously…

After the lifting (wich went suprisingly well) I showered, put the swimsuit and off to the pool I went. The flower-ish smell of fucking CHLORINE reminded me of the eyes’ infection situation and some part of my brain said “Oooooohhhh  crap, I forgot about that!” Decisions, decisions… Go back, or just put my thight googles and *literally* just jump into the pool?

Another part of my brain said “Dude, worst case scenario, the chlorine actually desinfects your eyes”. I decided to trust that voice. Yes, I know, but I said I decided!!! The pool is 25 meters long, and I swam 125 meters in about 15 minutes. That’s 5 times crossing the pool. 3 of those were panicky, drowny and unpleaseant. The other 2, however, were more relaxed and enjoyable. I guess it’s practice, practice, practice!!! And the chlorine didn’t get anywhere near my poor eyes. So I called it a win.

In other news, I finished my super-uber muscle growth experiment, all supported with broscience. The results were… amusing. I took the pics and measurements, but due technical difficulties (freaking USB port of camera burnt and started to smoke, HOLY CRAP!), that post was delayed until, I don’t know, tomorrow? Just need to get my hands on a netbook with an SD card reader. Bear with me.


  1. Rob Dyess dice:

    Very hard to do these things when you are not feeling at the top of your game.



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