Active Sunday&Monday with a Plank Challenge

Publicado: 24/01/2011 en cardio, video post, weights

Whoa! What a Sunday! I woke up early and after having a cup of a much needed Java I started a fire for a BBQ.

The meat was great! I invented a sauce for it: EVOO, vinegar, lemon juice, black peppe, garlic powder and Dijon mustard. It was GOOD.

After that I went to the public pool and let me tell ya, WOW. I’m not talking about the pool from the Y, where I count laps and wear funny googles. This is the pool where I spend all my summers while growing up. Thousands of memories in a body of water. And there are certain distances I could never swim in there because point A was so very far from point B. Except this Sunday I swam from point A to B and back to A!!! I’m getting better at this swimming thing 😀

After that I hit the weights and after that I recorded a little video. It started with Josie recording herself doing a plank. Then Susan did a video with a longer plank. One thing lead to another and bam! now everybody is planking their ass off LOL Anyway, enjoy my very first english spoken video post:

On Monday, I thought “Well, what if all the swimming and lifting wore me down yesterday? What if I can do a longer plank?” So, I tried again:

Yeah! Now I need to work on my form. I’m not done planking yet!

  1. You ARE a Latin stud! And you did the plank on a TABLE where we could see your excellent form! That was amazing Reinaldo!

    But I want to set the record straight on the chronology. FIRST, Josie TWEETED that she planked 2 minutes. Then *I* did my first challenge video, 3 minutes. THEN she re-planked to beat me at 3:20! THEN it took off into the awesomeness that is the Planktastic Plankathon!

    BTW I am re-planking again tomorrow and hope to break SOMEBODY’s record. Maybe with a side plank or a nose plank or some kind of plank nobody ever heard of.

  2. Yum Yucky dice:

    you ARE a stud. But you could probably do an 8-minute plank if you put that cigarette down. ahahahahahaa! you’re busted!

  3. I attempted the re-plank today in a plankoff with my awesome trainer, but it was a FAIL because he threatened to fart 2:30 minutes in and we both fell down laughing. I was very indignant! Try again Friday.

  4. Tommy Damani dice:

    hohohoho 6:01 minutes!!!



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