Thinking about starting the Hollywood Physique program

Publicado: 21/02/2011 en Sin categoría

Because I’m a program whore. But you already knew that (or click on the link to learn it!).

So, let me tell you what I had been doing this last couple of months at the gym. I designed – yes, I, all by myself – a program that cames from the mixture of a lot of reading of various e-books and stuff that makes sense to me. For the first time ever, I’m doing splits.

I came up with three workouts, wich I named Workouts A, B and C. The core of it is to work body parts two times in a row and then rest one workout. Yeah, wait, what? Examples:

I work pecs on workouts A and B, but not in C.

I work the back on workouts B and C, but not in A.

I work legs on workouts C and A, but not in B.

See how simple that was? And of course, I use progressive overload. Any given weight for an exercise, I do 8 reps. Next time, 9 reps. Then 10. And then 11,  and then 12. After that, I add a little more weight and start all over again at 8 reps. I’m making progress everyday.

After having great results with the Visual Impact course last December, I had decided to put that program to a rest. Primally for two reasons: 1) I need variety and 2) I wanna save it for the months before summer. It just works that great!! It makes sense, it also changed how I look to weight training and my choosing of exercises. But, like I said, I wanna save Round 2 for the months next to summer. Check it out! Last time I looked, it costed less than one single personal trainer session.

Enter the new program I’m talking about. It also speaks about the “Hollywood Body”. Wich means “Don’t train to look like like Arnold, train to look like Ryan Reynolds”. And that makes sense in every way I try to see this topic.

This program mixes some bits of the -now famous- Golden Ratio Lifestyle. The what? The ratio between your shoulders and waist should be 1,6.  It just looks amazing that way. It’s the ratio that Da Vinci used to paint hot dudes, and we all know he was *really* into that. Maths, I mean ;-P

Both “Visual Impact” and “Hollywood Phsyque” share a common bond: it’s not about getting bulky. It’s about getting hot. Just a little bit bigger in the right areas, and a little bit shredded in the right areas. And that is IT.

Huge shoulders like Arnold? It would take years and years and a lot on injections. Way smaller, yet ripped shoulders like Brad Pitt in “Fight Club”? Much more easier to achive, in much less time. It’s DOABLE in months.

You don’t think so? Take Tom Hanks’ example. He got skinny for one role (“Cast Away” and then buffed on “Angels & Demons”). OK, bad example, too much years between those. Better think Adrien Brody’s or Christian Bale’s transformations. From fucking skinny to buffed. In the same amount of time, I still work my ass off and not yet get the same results. WTF?

So, I’m giving this program a go. I just need so credit card issues to be solved and then I’ll get access to it. Then I’ll do one of those wonderful reviews of some program where I write a lot but without saying anything about it really. Oh well.


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  3. Steve dice:

    Why do you morons do the Visual Impact course? Have you seen Rusty’s body? It’s horrible! Does he have a fitness background or any credentials? Hell no! He said himself that he lucked into having a popular site by getting in the game early and cashing in on the “hollywood look” phrase.. simple as that. If you’re looking to him to get ripped, you’ve already failed.


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