Paleo Scotch Eggs Recipe

Publicado: 03/03/2011 en Sin categoría

Well, I must be honest. The first time I saw  a pic for this recipe I drooled buckets. What’s not to love? Hard boiled eggs, sausage meat (as in ground beef, but you could go crazy and experiment) and of course, more eggs!!

I didn’t go photo crazy with this one because it’s hard to manage raw meat in your hands AND take pics from your IPhone… SO I just took one pic of the finished product, the one you already saw up there.

So, let me say two things straight: This tastes AWESOME, and the same meat/egg/veggies mix can be use for Paleo burguers or meatloaf or meatballs or whateva. OK, here we go:


– About 1 cup of shredded roots. I went carrot for this one, but I prefer rutabaga.

– 1 egg, whole.

– About 1 cup (maybe a little more) of grounded meat. Any meat. Maybe mix the meat of one pork sausage with ground beef???? MMmmmm for next time!

– 6 eggs.

The actual process:

1) Get a pot of boiling water. Add 5 eggs and count exactly 10 minutes. Remove from heat and move to iced water. This way you wont end up with dark yolks. PRO TIP: try using not-so-fresh eggs for hard-boiling. The peeling proccess becomes so much easier! Now, I said not-so-fresh, I didn’t said rotten!!! Take the egg and shake it in your hand. If you can feel the yolk bouncing inside, it’s perfect for hard-boiling!

2) Shred a medium sized carrot or half a rutabaga. Then add 1 whole egg, beated. Then the meat(s). Add spices to your liking. Everybody likes different stuff, so I didn’t put  spices as ingredients. I added salt, pepper, garlic powder, oregano and Winch.. Wench.. Winceshtesteer sauce (or whatever you say that). Add the meat(S) too. Mix with your hands and let rest in the fridge for an hour. Since we’re not adding any nasty flour to it, we need it cold for it to be more manageable.

NOTE: This mix works for meatballs as well. And for meatloaf, and patties. And they’re all paleo.

3) Divide your meat mix in five equal portions. Grab one portion, and press it in your hand until you get a slim circle. Put a hard-boiled egg in the middle, then work the meat to cover the whole egg.

NOTE: The original recipe calls for flour all over the stuffed meatball, but I skipped it. Also, the original recipe calls for deep-frying. I took another route because I fear it might break down on the deep fryier.

4) In a alreadyy preheated medium oven, place the (HUGE!) meatballs and wait for 20 minutes. Then you’l get some like the pic at the beggining of this post. They are YUM!

This babies are supposed to be served cold. I couldn’t agree more. Also, you should put something sour in your mouth at the same time. I couldn’t agree more, it works very well with pickles. And with huge salads. Oh! And also they’re supposed to be served while you’re drinking at a pub. I couldn’t agree more.

  1. Joob dice:

    Those look so delicious. I MIGHT be drooling a little at my laptop. I love the meat/egg combo… steak omelets? My favorite.

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