My first tattoo experience

Publicado: 07/03/2011 en whatever

All I can say is yikes!

Did it hurt? Yes, but I survived.It’s bad, but not THAT bad.

Would I do it again? I plan to, but give me some time to recover first.

Actually, I need to do it again. Today I just got done the first part of my little ink project. It all started with this pic:

The Eros statue on Piccadilly Circus, in London. Actually it’s Eros’ twin brother Anteros, but let’s not get into that. It’s also known as “The Angel of Christian Charity”. I chose this design because it’s the god of love and baw-chicka-bow-bow 😉

So, I send the pic to my artist with a lot of more pics of other greek statues wich probably didn’t make him happy. Like “I want that statue, but with the angle of this statue, the face of this other statue, the hair of this other statue…” you get the idea. Major headache for him, I bet.

I showed up at 9 AM, and we begun at 10:30 AM. After shaving half my leg, I settled in a position and the needles started buzzing.

How bad does it hurt? Imagine a cat, scratching your skin a little bit too deep. Bearable, but not my idea of a good time (I’m no emo, ya’ know). Some places were a little bit more painful, and needed the infamous “deep breathing” technique I learned from the piercings experience (it involves deep breathing and repeating to yourself “This isn’t happening to me, this isn’t happening to me”).

After he outlined the drawing, he changed to another needle. Actualy, it was more like 6 needles at the same time. I think it hurted less. Go figure. 2 and a half hours later, it looked like this:

To be honest, I was more than done by this point. Yet I had still 90 minutes of needles ahead of me. Maybe I should had choose a smaller design for my first tattoo ever? Perhaps.

After adding several layers of 2 kinds of grey, white and metal blue, I was wrapped in plastic film and send home with instructions. After I removed the “bandage”, cleaned and lotion it, I took a pic for the Twitter guys:

And then I went picture happy! Sorry if the pics are all backwards, WordPress didn’t give a break today. Also, I couldn’t get the colors right, so you need to imagine it more blue-ish and a lot more brighter.

  1. That tattoo rocks!!!!!!!

  2. David dice:

    Wow – it’s stunning. Your artist did an amazing job. I love that you included the inspiration photo – so cool to see that, then what you ended up with. Woo-hoo!


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