Primal Stuffed Chicken Breasts (with broccoli)

Publicado: 16/03/2011 en nutrition, Paleo/Primal, recipes

I’m an ass. I purposedly cooked this dish to post it here, and took pics of the whole process. But I forgot to take a pic of the finished dish! *sight* Anyways, the first time I did this was an instant hit. The family didn’t even protested at the lack of potatoes or rice. It’s a winner! You’ll be making the meat and the side dish at the same time too, so there less mess to clean up afterwards!

Now, I understand that not all people reading this blog follows the Paleo/Primal lifestyle. But I do encourage “normal” folks to try this dishes once in a while. I’m not trying to convert anybody here,  but this is a very delicious savory meal to try. Not EVERY meal has to have starch, ya’know? Also, if you find the amount of monosaturated fat in the recipe threatening, please do uso EVOO or some “light” version of the ingredients I used. Heck, change whatever you want from the recipe =)

OK, so, how do you begin this things again? Oh right, the ingredients list (serves three hungry paleotards people):

– 3 chicken breasts (or one and a half? I mean, one whole chicken has 2 “half” breast, right? 3 of those).

– 1 cup of finely diced red bellpepper

– 3/4  cup creamcheese

– Bacon, a lot of it

– 2 Tbsp lard

– 1 whole big broccoli. I used some cauliflower as well because the broccoli I had was kind of small.

– Spices! I used garlic powder, fresh black pepper, cumin and salt.

The actual procedure (it takes about 1:30 hours, cooking included):

We’ll need those chicken breasts flat. We will want to roll them up as you would roll a carpet before storage it (or something like that). So take a big piece of plastic film, your favorite kitchen hammer (I bet they have another name but I don’t know it) and pound away.

The idea here isn’t making the breast super thin; it’s more about making it the same thickness all around. The plastic film protects the meat; otherwise you’ll end up with a lot of grounded chicken breast. You can reuse the same film for all the breasts.

Place the creamcheese in a microwave safe dish and nuke a minute or so, until tender. Add the bellpepper.

And mix.

Spread the stuffing into the chicken breast…

Roll them up the best you can (it doesn’t have to be perfect, will be putting more stuff on top anyway), and place them in a oven rack (I was using a toaster oven)

Then put the sliced bacon on top…

And place in the oven at medium heat.

Place the “cookie sheet” underneath it. The creamcheese will ooze. You’ll want to catch it on something.

Cut and wash your broccoli in big chunks (bigger than bite sizes). Pat dry.

In a mixing bowl, add 2 Tbsp of lard.

Add any spices you like, and mix.

Coat your veggies in the lard mixture..

And if you feel like it, get a real mess by mixing it with your hands!

And after the chicken has been roasting for 20 minutes, add the veggies in the cookie sheet. Mix well with any droppings from the chicken, and roast everything for another 40 minutes.

After that, just eat!

  1. Yum Yucky dice:

    You should not have crossed out the word “paleotards”. I like it. But the bacon did scare me. First time that ever happened to me. Hrmmm??? Why?

  2. ShaneC dice:

    That looks delicious!


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