Poor little latino is sad

Publicado: 29/03/2011 en Sin categoría

Yeah, I’m in some kind of funk. I think of the gym and I think “Yeah, I should go, but what for?”.

– “Oh, so you can look good naked, dumbass?”

Yeah, whatever. Sure, I’ll find love based on how I look. That’s not love, based on looks. Even if I get love, I’ll lose the looks eventually, and then what. Then what? If the looks goes away, then love would follow?

– “Fine, forget love. Look good so you can get laid more often!”

Yeah, whatever. That’s why God gaves us men hands, you know? Who needs real love ¬¬

– “Allright, then train to be stronger!”

I don’t need to be stronger, really. I’m strong enough already, lifting those heavy grocery bags.

– “But what about bettering yourself? Being the best you can?”

I would try and be the guy who watches more of “The Simpson” episodes ever and it would be a way to better myself. The Guinnes record of couch-potato-ness and the biggest lift ever, they both get a place in that book.

– “What about your health? Don’t you wanna live an active life up to your 90th birthday?”

If by “life” you mean from work to home to work to home and etc, and weekends that are so eventless and uninteresting that they make me wanna cry… I don’t wanna live until 90 years old.

– “OK, fuck it. I’m out of ideas”.

I’m out of ideas too…

  1. David dice:

    I saw on Twitter that your motivation is returning, and that’s fantastic. Hopefully you’ll share in your next post how it came back, because I’m in a funk, too, and am looking for a good jolt.

  2. Tyson dice:

    Sorry to hear you are a funk. I get that way once in awhile too. I find taking off a few weeks from the gym is not only healthy but your motivation should return and you will actually come back stronger than before you left.

  3. Yum Yucky dice:

    I get that way sometimes, too. I let the funkyness dwell in me for a few days and then I realize it’s not what I want. Fitness makes me come alive. I think better, I feel better, etc etc., so I push past the funk. Consider the non-fitness alternatives that you’d slip into as all your hard work goes away. You don’t want that.

  4. darnfitness dice:

    Thanks you guys :’) All better now. Just writing a post about it.

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