Getting my mojo back

Publicado: 06/04/2011 en weights, whatever

Apparently, I’m now a woman  with a 21-day menstrual cicle. Yes, you read that right.

In a previous post I told you about me going into the “Hollywood Physique” program (details here). Well, part of the program is working your ass off your 3 weeks and rest one week. The dude that wrote it told me I was risking overtraining while on this program. Actually, he wanted me to reach overtraining. He wanted me to cry while driving to the gym at the end of the 21 first days. Then I will have my 7 days vacation off the gym and all will be better again.

“Ha!” – I said. “Sorry dude, I’m just too hardcore to overtrain on your little program”.

“Just beware”… he said.

“Nope, I’m too manly to skip the gym dude! I’ll show you!”

FASTFORWARD 2 WEEKS —> And I go all EMO on my reader’s asses. OK, fine, he was right. Jeez!

I swallowed the jagged little pill, anyways. I realized the funk I was getting was all part of his plan. OK, OK, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me go back a few days ago.

After writing that last emo post, I had a haircut. My hairdresser said to me “Look at you! You’re just so skinny! Looking good tho!” and she grabbed my biceps in that last sentence. Then I looked at myself in the mirror and realized I do look different in just 2 weeks! Like the shoulders got (somehow) to look wider. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m still a skinny underweighted little fuck, but now I’m a skinny underweighted little fuck with some shoulders!! How did that happened? The straws I like to call legs also are getting a little more meat to them. Yes, they’re still straws, but… thicker straws.

So I logged on the Hollywood Physique website again. I re-read everything. Then I got it. The funk is all part the plan. This dude actually wants me to overtrain after 3 weeks. So those emo feelings were part of his plan. He said it was going to happen. I just didn’t think it would happen to me!

So, whenever I feel like not working out, I remember that I’m trying to overtraining myself! I’m trying to punish my body so hard that I cry while  drive to the gym. It’s not really a physical overtrain, but a mental one. I know next week is “no workouts but eat your bodyweight in meat and eggs week” so I just need to wear out my hot bod for a few more days.

Now don’t give me that look. I know overtraining is bad. PLANNED overtraining in the other hand, with a planned 7 days of rest after it… is a different story. Plus, just 3 weeks in the program and I’m already seeing results? Me likes.

So, expect me bitching and crying every three weeks for the next few months. Oh, what? Pics or it didn’t happened? Well, I’m very shy about taking my pic shirtless so… OK OK This freakin’ blog was build on shirtless pics of myself, I know, but if you read a few months ago my camera was stolen 😦 I’ll get to progress pics soon enough. See you soon!



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