Half naked progress pics from Hollywood Physique YAY!!!

Publicado: 08/04/2011 en Sin categoría

I had been doing a SLIGHTLY modified version of Clay’s “Hollywood Physique” program. Let me explain how I changed stuff:

The workouts: I skipped some workouts, for “avoiding overtraining” sake. Well, actually I just got lazy. Stupid me. Only after realizing I was getting overtrained when I wrote that emo post, I remembered that overtraining is desirable on this program. You get one week off to recover later. But you must hit overtraining for that week off really work as a muscle building turbo boost.

The eating: I had been eating completly on plan. The eating is very paleo, even simpler paleo anyways. Yet, Clay said that booze if off limits on this plan. Well.. try to take away my beer and I will end you. Enough said.

And with some exercises I’m nailing “the zone”. With others, I still struggle to feel “in the zone”. And I’m totally “in the zone” with other exercises.

Uh… anyways! The pics!

Shoulder width is improving…

There you have it!

  1. Yum Yucky dice:

    But overtraining sounds scary. Can’t you get hurt like that?

  2. darnfitness dice:

    No, because you use really light weigths for the exercises. It’s the really short rest periods (like, just breath deep 4 times between sets) that does the trick. So you feel a “I’m soooo tired” burn in the last sets. But really, with 3 lb dumbbells… The overtraining is more mental, I’l say.

  3. Marco dice:

    Que tal viejo,muy impresionante el cambio, felicidades.. me encantaria saber que rutina estas llevando acabo, siempre me han dicho que sobre entrenar es muy malo, pero la verdad es que no e tenido rsultados.

    Me gustaria saber que haces de hombro..
    Sigue Así

  4. darnfitness dice:

    En español será… Esto hago para hombros http://youtu.be/YdWoOpGGivg con poco peso, muchas repeticiones y máximo 15 segundos de descanso entre series. La última serie llega al fallo muscular.

    And in english…. This exercise for shoulders http://youtu.be/YdWoOpGGivg low weights, lots of reps and 15 seconds max of rest between sets. Last set must reach failure.


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