Good bye Beer

Publicado: 13/04/2011 en Sin categoría

I had it. I had enough of this nonesense.

I’m tired of working out almost every day and follow the Paleo Diet for months now, and being stuck in this plateau. Because when it comes to belly fat, I haven’t seen changes in ages.

And I knew the reason why nothing was happening there. Every time I took a sip of beer I knew that only if I stop… With all variables the same, same workouts, same diet, changing nothing, but stop drinking beer…

And I went to Paleo forums and read all the success stories and people with new found abs, and I thought to myself “Why that hasn’t happened to me?” But of course, I knew the answer all along.

Sorry beer, but you need to go. Just for a while, please don’t cry! We may be reunited in the future. But right now, I need to be alone so I can kick some serious ass.


  1. Suzi dice:

    Oh…do I understand this far too well! I have my moments where I need to put a halt on the beer drinking. It sucks, but its worth it…you come back a stonger, healthier beer drinker 😉

  2. David dice:

    I’ve tried dropping beer. I’ve tried everything. At 36, working out at least every other day, considerable diet control, commuting 20 miles a day on bike, it hasn’t gone anywhere. It can’t hurt though. Good to cycle in different consumption patterns to keep the body guessing. My current route is to focus on muscle and hope someday the muscle eats the fat if I keep working out and controlling the intake.

  3. Yum Yucky dice:

    What about dairy? Do you eat lots of dairy. Just asking, because when I cut out mostly all dairy, it helped push me out of a plateau.


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