Paleo / Primal Lasagna

Publicado: 02/05/2011 en Paleo/Primal, recipes

New recipe! I got to say, I stole the “egg noodles” idea from another site 😛 I learn it from Steve, he has an amazing blog with a lot of mind-blowing primal recipes. Go check him out at Primalocity!

I had the ingredients and the time to make everything from scratch, but feel free to substitute anything I used. Like canned tomatoes and the like.

Tomato Sauce

– 7 tomatoes, peeled and diced

– Spices (I used black pepper, dried basil, 1 small bay leaf, garlic powder, fresh oregano and hot pepper flakes).

– Salt and a bit of Stevia (or raw honey)

I just put everything to simmer in a small pot for like 40 minutes. Don’t make the same mistake I did and DO NOT cover with a lid!! This will help reduction and the sauce will came out a lot more thick than mine.

After 40 minutes the sauce will get a deeper red color. Take away the bay leaf and fresh oregano, and mash it with a potato masher for a chunky sauce, or put it in a food processor.

Meat & Mushrooms

– 1.5 pounds of ground beef

– 1 package mushrooms, chopped

It’s a no brainer. Heat your favorite pan and add some lard!

Add the meat and the mushrooms….

And cook until everything is… well, cooked. Salt, pepper and garlic powder it.


Veggies & Cream

– 1 small zuchinni, shredded

– 1 huge bag os spinach, chopped

– 4 Tbsp heavy cream

Your pan should have some juice from the meat you just cooked. Add a little bit more lard to it and then the zuchinni.

Then add the spinach. As you can see, I had a little problem in this step…

Don’t even try to stir! Just leave the mess alone to steam itself. It will go down after a few minutes.

Then add the cream, cook a little more and reserve.

The egg “noodles”

Now, for the real paleo heart of the recipe. How in Earth do you make lasagna without lasagna noodles???

– 6 eggs

– 6 Tbsp tap water

Whisk eggs and water together.

Heat the pan (again) with a little bit of fat. You only need to add fat once. Add about 3/4 cup of the batter. Since we added water, the “pancake” will be very very thin, just like we want!

Then, cut a cross with a spatula. You should end up with 4 triangles. Flip them.

After a few more seconds, take them out. Oh, you don’t need to flip them right. You can make a mess and end up with a bunch of small pieces of cooked eggs and it will be fine 😉  It’s fool-proof! Repeat with the rest of the batter. You’ll have something like this:

The Lasagna

Finally! Get some pyrex oven dish. Pour a little of the tomato sauce.

Then the “egg noodles”. Now you can see why it doesn’t matter if you don’t get the triangles right. Just cut the pieces until you fill the area.

Then add a layer of meat and mushrooms…

Then more sauce…

Spinach & cream layer, and some shredded cheese…

Rinse and repeat as needed.

I bake it for about 50 minutes at 350ºF (180ºC). If you take my advice and cook the tomato sauce without the lid on, I’m guessing 40 minutes.


  1. Tyson dice:

    That dish looks amazing!

  2. That looks insanely delicioso! I love the part about the “egg noodles” – brilliant!!!!!! I am so going to try this.

  3. Rachel Young dice:

    I was searching for a recipe today and found yours. It was delicious and i will be making it again. Thanks so much fir sharing!

  4. […] The first time I tried to make a paleo lasagna I made it with eggs. It didn’t really work for me. It tasted too much of eggs instead of lasagna. So this time I tried a different approach with white cabbage. If you want the recipe for egg lasagna you can find it at Darnfitness by clicking at this link. […]


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