So, I’m getting fat

Publicado: 09/05/2011 en Sin categoría


Yes, that me just right now, using a caliper. And yes, I know I’m probably insulting you by calling myself fat. If you got some fat to lose, and you see the pic above, you’re probably thinking “This skinny asshole is saying he’s fat? No, I’m fat! What tha hell is he complaining about!”

True. But you’ll see, there is you-fat and there’s me-fat. I had been all kinds of fat, since 30% body fat to my low-fat present self (and I got the stretchmarks to prove it, goddammit!). But really, in your head, you can never be lean enough. Not until I’m MensHealth’s cover worthy, anyway. Come on, just a six pack would make me happy.

*just a six pack*

Well, there is something called an EIGHT-PACK. And some veins in that area would be nice too. Now, with the eight-pack in mind, take another look at my pic, again. Aaaaaahh! Now you’re getting the “me-fat”. It’s not fat-fat, but it is not-lean-enough-fat.

And then, there is the “long-underwear” factor. I won’t – EVER- post a nude pic here, but this underwear I’m using ARE LOOONG (to the knee long) and yes, tight. Like compression pants. I’m entering Fall and soon Winter over here, remember. So, even if I don’t have that much fat, the undies sort of squish up the belly fat and it looks worst. Dammit.

Were am I going with this? What’s the point of that (now that I looked it again, way more hairer than appropiate, just don’t look below the bellybutton) pic?


Because I had been eating wrong. I took the “refeed” concept and apply it… like 4 times per week. I had celebrations and overate on carbs big time. Just this week, I had 4 slices of cake. And not small ones.

I had binged on potatoes. I’m done eating “normal”. Because “normal” didn’t get me anywhere except obese in the past. It was Primal who did the trick for me.

So I must discipline myself. Enough is enough. For two weeks, I had splurged and silently witness how the very small love handles are becoming more more less small. This has to stop. Like right now. RIGHT. NOW.

  1. Dawn dice:

    You made me laugh!

    But I think we all judge our own body weight and fat much more harshly than we judge others. The occasional treat can quickly become an everyday treat. Always have to be on the lookout for it. But you’ve spotted what is happening.

    Primal rocks!


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