Healthy guts: splenda and sauerkraut

Publicado: 15/05/2011 en nutrition, Paleo/Primal, recipes

I had been thinking about gut health for the last few days. Part of it is because the muscle building program I’m following, the Hollywood Physique. In this program, you’re suppose to have a “cleanse” before the actual exercise and eating program begins, in an attempt to aid (or better said, to fix) an impaired digestion and absorb better the different nutrients your body so desperately needs.

And of course, we all have heard about lactobacillus. You know, that healthy bacteria living in your guts, helping with digestion, nutrients’ absorption and killing evil bacteria. And, supposedly, it also helps you losing weight! I remember looooong ago seeing in the Discovery Channel how this bambi-looking  thingy (some sort of deer, I guess) actually ate his momma’s POO in order to get some of that bacteria into its system. Yeah, nasty stuff. Anyway, I’m not licking anybody’s poo to get some lactobacillus into MY system. Trust me, I got quite a handful of kinky fetishes, but that is NOT one of them!!!!!!!!!!

You can also buy yogurt  and other dairy products, but from what I read, most of the good bacteria is already dead by the time you actually eat it. There are some supplements on lactobacillus, but they’re more expensive than a sample of the Pope’s crap (yeah, Holy crap!) and the box only has 10 pills. So, for a month’s worth, I have to spend THREE LITTLE FORTUNES to get the pesky eff’ers in me. Not. Gonna. Happen.

OH! I I recently discovered Splenda kills the good bacteria in your guts. I was always afraid on googling “Splenda side effects” because I love the stuff. But I stumbled on the info and…. crap. So, since I’m an Splenda whore (probably getting the max amount permited every day!) I probably don’t have many lactobacillus in my guts right now. I mean, 5-6 cups of “something” a day with 5 tablets/25 drops of Splenda on EACH cup?

I began to worry when @YumYucky called it “Splenda-shit” in a tweet. Like I said, I didn’t want to actually google it and learn about the bad side of it. But I guessed that cutting down in the stuff was not a bad idea. I started to drink my teas Splenda-less. It took a while, but it is doable. The coffee was a different animal. I started to have it black just a few days ago, and amazingly I already adapted! The first cup was…ugh. Instant coffee. No sweetener. I had to tweet “Instant coffee with no splenda tastes like jockstrap water LOL”. Man, it was like a tsunami of gay bots replying to me, I barely made it alive!!! (That’s the second word I banned from tweets, unless you want a bot tsunami. The first word to never tweet? IPad, duh)

Aaaaaaaaand that’s a rap on this post’s introduction. (Really, Rein, all that was just the intro? Yes, it was). I searched for a cheap way to get lactobacillus into my digestive system, and keep it paleo/primal friendly. Enter – I bet you guessed it from the title- sauerkraut! I found this sauerkraut recipe on one of my favorite paleo recipes sites, And get more confident after watching this video on tha tube:

A few hours ago, I did the whole drill. Shredded half a cabbage, and set something like that video shows. Smaller tho, since I’m the only one who’s going to eat it, probably. Tune in next week, I’ll post the results and pics of what I did!

  1. Dawn dice:

    Homemade sauerkraut is an excellent choice to get plenty of good bacteria into you.

    Not all yogurts are low on probiotics – but you need to pick and choose carefully. make sure it has the “Live and Active” seal or make your own at home and you know it has the right bacteria in it.

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