Best half naked compliment EVER

Publicado: 18/05/2011 en Sin categoría

Whenever  there’s two half naked guys next to each other, and one guy compliments the other, you’re either 1) Watching a gay pr0n, or 2) what happened to me tonight. But let me get some context into it first:

I went for a swim at the YMCA, working hard in my head to perform the catch and the pull without drowning or drinking pool water and whatever. I was finishing my first lap -25 meters all the way there, and then back-  and this other dude was resting there too. “This shit is hard, huh?” he said. I couldn’t talk, because I was breathing so heavily, but I managed to nod and sort of pull some agreement words. Then I did another lap. And then another.

After finishing my third lap, I had to lay down to the wall to breath. Then the other guy said: “So, are you on the swimming team?” After 6 heavy breaths, I told him “If I were in the swim team, do you think I’ll be tired as this???” He said: “I don’t know, dude. You swim really fast and smooth”.

WTF!?!??!?!  I swim fast and smooth now???

Best. Compliment. EVER.

I swam 300 meters in about 30 minutes. Horrible times, I know, but at least I managed to swim 50 more meters than last time. And apparently, one dude thinks I swim smooth. Take that, biatches!

  1. David dice:

    Fantastic. You’re a shark. Isted es un tiburón.

  2. David dice:

    Oops – that should have been ‘Usted.’ But you already knew that. 🙂

  3. Vinny dice:

    Haha! Nice job man! Way to swim smooth! 😉


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