Fitbloggin RANT

Publicado: 20/05/2011 en whatever

First, you people live way too far far away from me. Or is it me who live far far away from you? I don’t care, this is a rant. So FAR = BAD. Uhm.

Second, I’m not rich. If I had the means… I would have loved to be there.

Third, I wouldn’t been able to communicate with you. Yes, I could understand you, but you wouldn’t be able to understand a word I say. Bad english.

I really loved the little preview of the show that Susan was performing at fitbloggin. And of course, I missed it. Dammit.

I’m really curious about how JackSh!t sounds IRL. I secretly want to throw a bucket of cold water at him. And see how witty he is soaked in cold water. I want to punk him!

I also wanna throw a cake in Josie’s face. She probably would eat it before it hit her face. Big greedy mouth and all.

I wont even say anything about Roni. If I ever face her, I’ll probably just babble and drool and then faint.

And I have 20+ more bloggers I could say something about, but I wont. Because writing this post is kinda making me sad 😦 I wont be able to be there this year, or the next, and probably never will. Maybe I’ll become big money in the next years? Then again, maybe I wont. Maybe I feel like I connect with with you, but never will be able to see you, or hug you, or tell you IRL and live how you helped me change my life…

I just wish I could talk english fluidly and have the right tickets ATM. Anyway, I’ll be following you on tha tweetah. With sad puppy’s eyes.

  1. Why am I just seeing this NOW? Maybe because I was on an airplane when you posted it. ANyway, you were very missed!!! And you have to find a way to come to future Fitbloggins! Paolo and I need all the audience members we can get. 😉
    ALSO I don’t care if you can’t speak English at all because quiero practicar mi español. De veras.

    ALSO I think you ought to start finding yourself a sponsor or some sponsors starting NOW so you will be all ready for 2012. Hasta la victoria siempre!!!!

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