Male PMS

Publicado: 25/05/2011 en whatever

I scare myself sometimes. How easy it is for me to completely lose track of what I am or what I’m doing here. I’m having “one of those days” and I really scare myself.

I hardly felt depressed, at all. My energy is always high. I can say I’m a happy person. But  I’m not one today :/

Nothing really happened; I didn’t fought with anyone, I didn’t do… anything! Well, two things are different:

1- I haven’t exercised for 4 days. In the past, whenever I don’t regularly exercise, I always get this “male PMS” thing. But it usually takes longer for me to feel the “you’re a disgusting couch-potato” feel.

2- I also ate a lot of carbs today. A lot. And I’m usually low carb/gluten free, so maybe I’m more aware of the carb bump? Yes, I made that out, “carb bump”. Or “fast food bump”? You know, when you avoid eating something potentially harmful for your belly and then binge on it, then feel like crap? Yeah, exactly that.

I can blame it on anything. The carbs, the lack of endorphins from exercise, whatever. The bottom line is: I feel UNWORTH IT. Whateva the fuck that means.


Whatever. I know I’ll feel better in the morning.

Oh, and yes. I didn’t gave a single fuck about looking for a pic for the post. Sorry for the “just-words” post, and the bloom.

And just as I wrote this, it started to rain. I feel like I should go to my garden and just get wet, that would make me happy! Except it’s 1 AM…

  1. Yum Yucky dice:

    I hope the PMS-ing is over soon. I don’t like to hear about you being sad and unmotivated. Nope.


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