NSV’s about swimming

Publicado: 05/07/2011 en cardio

This post comes inspired by this post and this one from Foodie McBody!!!!

Wait, do you not know what a NSV is? Really? Are you living under a rock? A NSV stands for “Non Scale Victory”, as in something you achieve in your weight loss/fitness journey, but it doesn’t have anything to do with actual weight loss or the scale.

So, with that in mind, here are my NSV’s about swimming:

1) I remembered how much I love the water.

When I was a kid, I used to spend the whole summer in the pool. And sometimes in the sea as well, and it always was a great time. Except that one time… I was a the beach, age 17 or so, and the sea was sort of weird. Big waves, violent actually. I was having fun “swimming” (not as with technique or doing crowl or anything, just playing in the sea) and for safety reasons, I was right next to “the rope”. Like, this huge rope that begun in the shore and went deep deep into the sea. Maybe to delimit where you were allowed to swim? From this rope to the right you can swim with the supervision of the lifeguard?

Anyway, in just one second, this big wave came and *flushed* my swuimwear right to my ankles!!!!!! I opened my legs, scissors-like, to prevent it to go away and left me freaking NAKED, and then booooom! the tide came back and sent me rolling under the water. I managed to grab my swimwear with one hand, wich left me with only one arm to swim and dude, it wasn’t enough. I had to decide between losing my swimsuite or drown. Tough one. But then, I remembered…. the rope!!! I managed to swim to the rope, drinking lots of salty water. I neded to use both hands to use the rope and “climb” back to safety. Then, booom! I lost the swimsuite on one leg! OMG! OMG! I locked the other leg to my other knee, like making a “4” to lock the swimsuite in that ankle, and it took me about 15 minutes to get to the shore!!!

It was quite a scare, but I kept on playing in the water. It was more like a scary yet funny story. Then, one year, I just stopped. I forgot that I like the water. I was too busy getting fat, I guess.  I remember that love now.

2) It made me socialize more at the gym.

Because I’m that idiot you workout next to day after day after day…. and he never says hello. Or just a nod. Or anything.

In my defense, I’m either lifting weights or counting seconds of rest between sets. Nothing more exists. Like some wise dude said once “At the gym, there could be a pillow fight between a guy in a pink leotard and a guy in a teddy bear costume behind you, and you wouldn’t notice that, because you’re so in the workout”. Cool, uh? Now, to take that image off your mind, rinse your head in bleach.

I took some swimming lessons. I had partners. I talked more. I re-encounter some of them at the weight room. I kept on talking… a bit more.

3) I learned to not be so embarrased of my body.

Sure, I have taken my shirt off and take some progress pics for the blog. This gringos live far far away, anyway! You can look at my body and think “Yeah, he needs to lose more fat if we wants a six-pack” but comment “You’re doing great! Keep the good work!!!”

But when you actually take you shirt off in public, people do look. And you can read what they think of you in that first glare, the first second they lay their eyes on you. Their eyes say everything, whatever cames out of their mouths can be fake. You know what I mean? “Hey Rein, you’re looking so…. *weird eyes, looks at belly, looks back at my eyes* … great!!!”

So, when they told me I had to wear SPEEDO BOXERS…. my heart died a little bit. Regular swimwear weights like 3 pounds when wet, sinking your lower body into even further depts. My first worry was the… umh, buldge. I don’t have a micro pen… can I say penis here? Oops. Let’s just say “stuff” are perfectly normal down there, but actually wearing a speedo IN PUBLIC?? A SPEEDO? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?

It was really hard difficult, but I bought one and I wear it to the swimming classes. It was a stupid worry, I mean most men do wear speedo tight stuff at the pool and just a bunch of them are slim. Even “Bathrobe Grampa” wears one. And you’re only seen on them outside the water, anyway. (Frankly, when I learned you should take all metal accesories off before entering the pool, I’m more interested in them NOT seeing my piercings now.)

And that’s why I bought speedo briefs soon after. Because I look at them at the mall and thought “No way I’ll EVER wear those at the pool”. Then my brain clicked. “Is this… is this a DARE?” Remember, I do not look like the guys who model this kind of crap. But other dudes wear those at the pool, overweight dudes if you must know… and I was actually AFRAID AND SCARE of wearing them??? Eff’ it. I bought them , I wear them. It’s just workout clothes, right?

So, this swimming thing has teached me one thing or two. I still need to overcome that panic-feeling of “Oh crap, I need to BREAAAAAAAAAAAATH” when I actually do not.

It’s a work in progress.

  1. LOVE this post. Thank you for your support with my new activity! It’s scary but less scary having company (even on differnet continents!) and tips.


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