Publicado: 06/07/2011 en Paleo/Primal

Today was an IF day, as in intermittent fasting. Meaning, my first meal (or breakfast, if you will) was at 7 PM. And since this as been going on for some time, it was EFFORTLESS.

I don’t count calories anymore. I already know that if I do the IF thing 1-2 times a week, there is just no effin’ way I can get over my calorie needs. I just dont bother counting anymore. I drank coffee and tea, black. I loved the coffee!! New bag, new brand, and now searching for the perfect coffee mill. Yeah, I didn’t eat food today, but I’m still freaking gourmet, ya’know.

I did some weight lifting still in fasted mode and just didn’t care about pre o post workouts meals. I know that the fast spikes the good hormones anyway, so when I ate 2 hours after my workout I.. just didn’t care about grams of proteinz and the like.

Suddenly, I do what my body tells me to do. If I feel thirsty, I drink water. If I’m hungry, I eat. If I’m not hungry, I don’t eat. If I really don’t feel like working out, I keep it short.

If I feel like yawing, I do too.

I don’t stress over high/low glycemic index foods anymore, or how I need to eat them (pre workout? Post workout?) I just don’t eat grains or potatoes or rice regularly. I give myself a slack in the weekends. I don’t stress about that either. I just keep my meals like meat+veggies+eggs+fats+fruits. Then, in the weekend, I eat something else. I don’t go overboard. I just… eat without worrying about it.

That’s the key. I do not worry anymore (most of the time) about working out or how I eat. Since I’m already slim now, progress is slower, but still present. Just… slower.

I don’t stress about it. Good things comes for those with patience.

  1. I love that you are not stressing. One of these days I’m gonna try your eating plan.

  2. David dice:

    I like. I may try this IF at some point.


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