Still kicking

Publicado: 21/07/2011 en Sin categoría


Yes, I’m still alive and kicking. Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but work is craaaazy.

Let’s recap some fitness stuff that I had been doing this last few weeks:

CARDIO: Just Body Combat. Shocker, I know. In the swimming area, I had visited the pool but no real training except recreational swimmig here and there. And that’s exactly how I like it!! Swim for fun, not for training!

WEIGHTS: I’m still in the Hollywood Physique program. I’m stretching it a bit. Like, the 4 week program I’m stretching for 6 weeks. Because I’m getting great results!! If it isn’t broken…. ya’ know.

TV WATCHING: Currently watching “V”. Fuck, I’m only 5 episodes from season 2 finale and NOW I LEARN IT HAS BEEN CANCELLED. Fuck-y McFuck ( Not associated with Foodie McBody).

DIET: Still Paleo, but did a “7 days no beer challenge” and really REALLY saw a difference. Might repeat that. Soon.

I need to take some progress pics. Might do that on Sunday. In the mean time, do know I’m still working out, haven’t forget about tha blog, and I love you all!!!



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