A bad day

Publicado: 22/07/2011 en Sin categoría


Because we all have them. Today was  a bad, bad  day in the fitness/health department.

I’m usually good.

Usually, I feel good about myself. I lost my fat weight, I’m in maintenance now… I’m thin.

And sometimes I look in the mirror and say “Look at  you, handsome!” and give myself a high five. And people compliment me at work all the time. I get more starings in the street. I know I’m hot.

I’m proud of my primal eating. It’s no easy all the time, but I manage to eat real food all the time, keepig my carb intake at bay.

I guess that’s the picture that you, the reader, have of me. Paleo dude who works out and is successful at fat loss, forever happy.

Yet, 2 hours ago, I was binging on brownies in my car, hating myself.

Work has been, well, ugh. Love life has been, well, double ugh. Sex life (yes, it’s a different item than love life) has been triple ugh.


So I bought sugar crap, and ate said crap. Did it feel good? Good Lord, it did! Any sorrow was deleted by the sugary brownies! At least for a good 5 minutes, it did. Oh Lord.

I went from “Look, if I contract my abs I got a 4 pack, I’m in the right track!” to ” WTF,  did I SWALLOWED a fucking whole watermelon and now the shit is stuck in my stomach(S)?” in just one day.

Call it male’s PMS. I skipped two weight training workouts. I feel miserable about that.

So, uhm. Feeling fat right here, stressing about it. I might lost a lot of weight, I might get my shit together most of the time, but I’m human just like you, and I too have bad days. Low self steem days. “Just eat crap because you are already fat” days. Even if I’m not fat at all. I have those too.

I hope tomorrow I’ll get a different perspective. I wanna feel good about myself. It’s just… ugh, one of those days.



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