I shall not give up

Publicado: 20/11/2011 en weights

Let’s go back to a week ago. I was taking antibiotics, so I couldn’t drink any beer, so I decided I also was going to follow an hipocaloric diet for the week. Because starving yourself now and then could help you to lose weight permanently.

Wait, what? Excuse me, but that’s the yo-yo diet you’re talking about! If you starve yourself, you’ll gain all the weight back again and then some!

Well yes, and no. As Brad Pilon said (in a different post I couldn’t find ((dammit!!)), but I remember the words) saying that “dieting” way below your daily calorie intake for some time is useless because when you go back to your regular diet you gain it all back is like saying spending less money for some time so you can pay your credit card debt is useless because once you start using your credit card again like crazy you’ll regain all the debt back and then some.

Since the dawn of this blog, I had been losing fat (and gaining a moderate amount of muscle) permanently. Yes, I have seen loooooooong plateaus, and I’m far from perfect at eating or exercising, but I haven’t regain fat at all. Maybe the scale could have seen some ups and downs, but since I don’t weigh myself we’ll never know. But every now and then, I keep my calorie intake way way low and then I get back to my regular eating patterns. Think of it as the boost you use in Mario Kart (the mushroom thing), it makes me go forward a little bit faster in the fat burning thing, and when I start eating normal again, I just keep my previous momentum.

But I digress. Last week, remember? I was on antibiotics, not drinking beer, and I decided to make a little fat burning boost and go 800 cal/day for that week. Hell yeah, because I’m hardcore like that.

I went to the gym, and the first exercise was CHIN UPS. I’m currently following the 20 pull ups challenge (but with chin ups, not pull ups) and I did a total of 6-5-6-5-6 (new personal record, or PR). Great!

Then, it was time for PUSH UPS. Yes, I also follow the 100 push ups challenge. This time was 23-28-23-23-33 push ups. But, the last 33 push ups was, uuh, too much. I hit 20, and collapsed. Dammit!

Then, 4 sets of 11 SHOULDER PRESS reps. I couldn’t finish set 2. I was underslept, underfed, overtrained and undersexed too, and I just hit a wall. I said FUCK YOU, GYM! and left. I took a week off.

I needed it. I was sooo tired.

I went back today. Started with the fucking push ups that won over me last time. I finished the 23-28-23-23-33!!! Then, chin ups: 7-6-5-4-max (was 5 chins). Shoulder press was a bitch, but I did it! Also did some more shoulder work, biceps and triceps, all PR’s!!

So, my point is: it’s OK to take some time off the gym now and then. You’re not going to get fat again for skipping a week. It’s a rest week (not a binge week, mind that!). After you rest, you can go back and kick some serious ass. Even if yopu failed the last time. Recover, and own it a week later!!!

– Rein.



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