More manly shirtless progress pics!

Publicado: 29/11/2011 en progress pics

OK, lets see if THAT title gets me some more clicks… uhu, did I said that out loud?!?!?!!?

Anyways…. do not look at the little man in the keyboard!! I’m over here, at the monitor screen!!!

So, progress pics. Are. A. Bitch. I can never get the light right, probably because I don’t know anything about photographs, and I take my pics from the IPhone camera. Oh well.

I can swear, really swear, my abs looks a little bit better in real life. But this is how they look like in a front shot with poor lighting and an Iphone camera. I see a different thing on the mirror :/

And the other shots:

Wait, did I told you about my new tattoo?

And the back view:

So, there you have it. Did I changed over the last couple of years?


  1. charles dice:

    In fact, some time ago we agreeded to meet in Viña del Mar for a coffee, but I was in a new job and couldn’t go, your body has really changed! You developed a very nice back!!! Go on.

  2. Yum Yucky dice:

    I see a lot of change in your back! And that tattoo shot is sexy, dude. Oooo-weeee!!! my new favorite pic of you. 😉

  3. darnfitness dice:

    I love you,, Josie ❤


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