Progress pics and photo rant

Publicado: 07/01/2012 en progress pics, video post
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Me: OK, go, take the pic…

Designated photographer: (SILENCE) Wait, I was recording!

Me: ¬¬’

Designated photographer: OK, 1, 2…3! *flash*

Me: OK, let me see it… What? But it doesn’t show… (LOOKS AT MIRROR, POINTS OUT BELLY TO FRIEND) But… do you see this? Or I is it just me who see it?

Designated photographer: The abs? Yeah, I see them too…

Me: But why I can’t see them in the pic?

Designated photographer: (SHRUGS) How am I supposed to know? I only came here because I was told there would be free beer…

–   o   –

Flashback a couple of days. I was in the drugstore and saw one of those scales that also measure your body fat. The kind that gives different readings if you drink a glass of water in between measurements. The kind you shouldn’t trust, EVER. Of course, I hopped on it. The first pic in this post is the results.

For the Americans, who insist on measuring stuff in Imperial nonsense, I translate:

Weight: 140,8 pounds

Height: 5,6 feet

% Body fat: 15,9%

Fat mass: 22,6 pounds

Lean mass: 118,6 pounds

BMI is normal, Body Fat % is actually below normal. Compared to who, I wonder.

So, about 4 days ago I ask a friend to take this pics, as you already read in the beggining. Here they are:

I said it before in other posts, I said it in the beggining of this one: I have a little more abs’ definition than what you see on the pics, damn it!!!  Today it hit me… maybe it’s the flash? Wait, the short video my friend recorded by accident didn’t have the flash lightening. So, of course, I uploaded the short, just-a-few-seconds vid for ya…

If you can’t see it, here are the two pics, the photo and the video thumbnail:

Without the flash, the shadow effect is clearly different. And this is with no special lights. But add the flash, and I lose abs definition because of it. Argh!

Anyways… there you have it. Progress pics at the beggining of 2012 (last year EVER).



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