On vacations, and other animals

Publicado: 08/01/2012 en whatever
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Because nothing says “I’m a fucking sex machine” like your pic taken while you do push ups and stare at the camera.

I’ll be away for the next week. I’m going to the beach, again! Last year, the tan lasted for about 9 months, WOW! I’ll be on Viña del Mar, here are some pics:

Yay! Also, I’ll be gymless for about a week too. But I am NOT taking the week off.

My plan is to stick to a bodyweight routine. Squats, pistol squats, crunches, push ups… hence the image in the beggining of this post.

May I say, I’m enjoying this new format of posting. You know, giving you a pic at the beginning of the post totally unrelated to the title, and then linking it to a whole idea. Yes, I like it!

So, I’m travelling but I have no idea where I’m going to sleep. Don’t know where to wash my clothing. Don’t know where (or what!) am I going to eat. I’m taking a leap of faith, and hope for the best.

I’m reviving my twitter account (it’s @darnfood) to post pics, so follow me there! And track my bodyweight’s exercises in fitocracy.com (I’m Reinaldo_ over there). Can’t get into fitocracy? Do you need an invite? Drop me a e-mail/comment/DM and I’ll send you one. It’s a great site. Think facebook meets twitter meets an RPG. You actually win points for working out, and level up!

Anyways, that’s it for now. I’ll be present in social media. See you there!



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