Oh crap.

Publicado: 02/04/2012 en Sin categoría

Long time no see.

Well, I’m glad to say I had been lazy in the blogging area, but not in the workout aspect. I didn’t gain 100 pounds, wich is what you might fear for a fitness blogger going MIA. Actually I look kind of the same, maybe a little leaner, actually. So, why the “Oh crap” title??

OK, to starters, I got to get surgery done. Don’t worry, it’s a minor one. I don’t wanna go into boring details, but the butcher won’t be touching any vital or non-vital organs. Just skin and some fat. No, it’s not liposuction!!! Just something that needs to get sewed. The problem lies in that, it’s in the lower body (take your mind out of the gutter, it’s not in THAT area), so even when the actual surgery has the complexity of, I don’t know, fucking kindergarden, I’m still unable to workout for about 3-4 weeks afterwards.  The surgery will take place this April 10th.

To that, add a funk to my workout routine. I did the same program for about 6 months, then changed it for a mix of the same program plus what I felt I needed to do. That lasted for like, 9 months. And I totally burned that off. It got BORING.

Last Thursday I knew my surgery date. And the tought just popped into my mind: “What’s the use of working out today? You’ll still lose a lot of strenght/size in the 3-4 weeks recovery time. You’ll not be adding anything up if you workout today. NOTHING AT ALL”. Plus, the boredom of my current program. I just feel like “What’s the point?”.

And to that, add to the mix that damn voice all of us ex-fatties have… “You’re going to lose all the muscle”… “You’re going to get fat”…. “You didn’t worked out today, now you’re totally going to get fat”… “You’re screwed!”


Oh God, why.


But! I did some brain work, and came out with a fix. I’ll have my surgery, rest, and watch the whole Netflix during my recovery. If you though “The whole Netflix???” there, I bet you’re American. Yes, Chile does have Netflix, but they’re adding movies slowly (but steady). Half of it is crap. I think I can watch the other good half in 3 weeks!

And I’m going to use that time to redesing my workout program. I see a very lean 4 pack if I cough on purpose (max abs contraction). So I can live with slower fat loss. Muscle gain got boring (or the approach I was targeting it). So I’m ready. I think I’ll take a try into the Oly’s. Olympic training, nothing else. I’ll study those in my time out.

Also, I discovered there’s a group in my shitty city that actually does… shall I name it…. parkour. I’m not going to say I WILL train for that, but still… sounds interesting.

OK, here’s for fat gaining and muscle losing during April, and a new start in May!!

  1. 444 dice:

    hello, hello… I found your blog through Yum Yucky. We have gone over your photos and also your “fat photos.” My son, who is only 13, has to lose weight (the doctor just told him he MUST), and he is motivated by your photos. Also, my husband is also motivated. He has the same back as you but he has to lose the big belly. His doctor also ordered him to lose weight. (The other three kids are shoestring-thin. LOL, how did that happen??)

    • darnfitness dice:

      Wait, what? I’m motivating people now?!??!?! WOW, that’s totally unexpected!!! I just use this space as a log of sorts….So cool that I’m actually motivating people!

  2. yumyucky dice:

    “the whole Netflix”. LOL! yeah. that made me wonder, so thank you for explaining. I hope your sugery goes well that and you get to Netflix-ing in no time. xo


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