Square Foot Garden: Part One

Publicado: 19/04/2012 en whatever

Fact you probably don’t know about me: I have two left hands. I hate everything crafty because, well, crafts hate me!  This hate relationship started well young, at age 7 probably, and stayed with me during my adult life.

At school, every single project resulted in a mess. Soda/vinegar volcano? It leaked from the bottom. That jewelry box I had to make? Crooked. That scarf they made me needle? I did it, so SO tight that it started like a scarf and ended like a knot. That time I tried to build my own PC? I burned the motherboard.

So you’ll see, crafts make me nervous. I don’t like them. Heck, even buying furniture makes me shiver because nobody sells you a freckin’ desk nowadays, oh no, they sell you a box with many many parts and bolts and a joke of a “instruction’s manual” wich consist in a few images of what the box should have and then an attempt to guide you “step-by-step” on how to put it together, obviously written by a mime (no words, at all!).

This also applies to gardening. My last project was lettuce. It didn’t even sprout. So, this idea of building a square foot garden (SFG) has everything of what my nightmares are filled with. I need to build a box, then mix up some special blend of dirt, then sprout seeds at home, then transplanting them… Oh dear God.

But the thing is, I want this garden so bad! For the last couple of years, every spring I think “Yes, this year I’ll build a greenhouse!” and never really do it. But the idea to grow my own veggies is like, wow, amazing! I finally get my hands into the “Square Foot Garden” book, wich is new to me but apparently has been a hit for many many years now, and decided to just dive into the project without thinking too much (and asking help from a friend who is slightly more crafty than me).

We went shopping for wood today, and I immediately assumed crash position. You know, crash position, like when your airplane is about to crash? I just asummed that something, at some point, was going to end up so bad that the whole project will be ruined. We got our wood cut, and after leaving the store and into the parking lot, well, something crashed. The damn plywood didn’t fit into my small city car! Instead of panicking, I went back into the store, bought some plastic rope, and after some mindwork, looking at the task from a lot of different angles and basically doing exactly what the dog from the top pic is doing, we came out with this:

Cool uh? But then… we can’t open the doors now. Duh! Total Homer moment. We pulled a “Dukes of Hazard” and jumped in from the open windows. Yes, people stared. Oh well.. And oh boy, that was a fun ride back home! My mind was racing about all the car accidents I was about to cause! Luckily, we arrived OK. In case you’re wondering, we used that lighter to cut the plastic rope, since we didn’t bring any scissors.

Just in case, let me remind you that…

… and my friend either does, so we decided to skip the drilling with screws like the book said, and finally went for good old fashion nails. Because we have never used a drill to screw screws. Lame, I know. We hammered the hell out of the wood (cracking some of it, then we switched to smaller nails, oops!) and get this nice frame to the end of it.

Then, I grew a pair and drill some holes into the plywood, can you see them? The holes, not the pair, I mean.

That’s for drainage. For a dude with two left hands, I was feeling like a lumberjack 😀

Finally, we hammered down some more nails aaaand…

..we got our raised bed, wich is also mobile now!

Did the plywood bottom fit perfectly? No. Was it hard to build? No. I decided to do this today, and nothing more. Sure, we could have done more work, but I decided that I would build this first today and nothing else. I hope tomorrow we will build the greeenhouse around it, and no, nothing else. No dirt mix tomorrow, no planting, no anything. Just build the greenhouse from some PVC tubes and some sturdy plastic wrap, and nothing else. Baby steps. I’ll keep you guys posted.

BTW, my surgery was fine, yet not fun. I’m pain free, and can move OK.



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