Square Foot Garden: Part Two

Publicado: 26/04/2012 en Sin categoría

What tha heck is this? Go read the previous post. It’s OK, I’ll wait here… … … Are you back? OK, let’s move on. Yeah, Mel’s mix. What’s that? The dude that wrote the Square Foot Garden is called Mel, so Mel’s mix is the dirt mix on what I’ll be growing my crops now. You don´t get to use your own dirt, tho. You buy everything from scratch. It is costly, but… if you’re serious on gardening, you need to get your back yard’s soil tested. And corrected to pH, and stuff. Also, lots and lots of shovel work, as you remove stones and stuff. Fuck all that. You already saw I builded a box… I did not build that thing to fill it with common dirt. Mel’s Mix is 1/3 vermiculite, 1/3 peat moss, and 1/3 compost. Good news: compost is cheap as shit. Bad news… let’s just say, try to buy vermiculite and peat moss in huge bags . My city only carries small bags, so shit, this all project costes me about 200 american dolars. But I didn’t care (I’m lying, I did care). It’s the cost of a Nintendo 3DS, but I’l be playing a lot more in this garden all day long…. Maybe you can get all of it for a cheaper price. But where I live, that was the cost. A gathered all the stuff… And started on the PVC frame. It’s self explanatory. We did nails, but you could do screws too.. Then we cut and drilled a smaller piece of PVd, and assemble it… Added Mel’s mix…. Night vision mode on… We’ll se if something grows up in there…

  1. David dice:

    Will you come build me one? 🙂

    • darnfitness dice:

      LOL David! Let’s wait for my project to endure at least one big rain, and one heavy wind day, and then MAYBE I’ll start a business 😉 Or you meant that I shoulkd build it for free???? LOLZ

      • David dice:

        You should totally start a business! That’s a great idea! I already buy fruit that comes from Chile… why not a garden box?

  2. 444 dice:

    One of my sons is always growing about 15 different plants in his room and 25 more outside, and can turn any shoot into a fruit-bearing plant. I think if I show him this, he will be going to the hardware store and then we will have a square-foot garden, too.

  3. yumyucky dice:

    Me who can works with their hands are the manliest men of all. Just sayin’.


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