Go to work… out

Publicado: 27/07/2012 en weights


Today I was carless (the Rein-mobile is at the mechanics, he has a fever) so if I wanted to go to the gym I would have to go on foot. My gym is about a 30 minutes walk from home. BUT! Earlier today, I had a really bad lunch meeting, with lots of breaded, fried stuff, and frankly more gluten I had in the past month. And I wont blame the gluten or say “it wasn’t primal food” for my bellyache, because it was the volume. I ate until full, then ate, and ate, and ate some more. And then I had dessert 😛

Also, I was on a funk today. You know that kind of day. You just want to lay on the couch. Everything fitness related seems like a chore. Oh, and I have a cold for like 3 days now.  And my car is at the mechanic, so I had to walk to the gym if I ever wanted to do  any workout. And it’s freezing here (snowing in some areas, not here tho).

But something drove me to pack my gym bag, walk half an hour to the gym, workout for 90 minutes, then walk back home, while feeling the funk the whole time. I figured out what miracle was happening in the walk there. And I came up with a way to share it with you.

You’ll see, today the alarm clock went off as it does every morning at 7 AM. Did I feel like sleep some more? Until 12 PM? SURE! But… I have a job, and probably you have one too, so you understand. You can’t say “Mmmmfff, I just don’t feel like working today, I’ll just stay in bed”. Your boss would disagree with that strongly. So, you get up, shower, and go to work.

And some days are nice at work, and you even enjoy them; but other days… you hate it. Your boss yells at you, or a costumer or client yells at you, or a co-worker yells at you…. ugh. And you just can’t say “Fuck it, I’m living early today because I had a bad moment with someone (at 11 AM) because… well, your boss would disagree with that strongly.

Why do we wake up so early and sleepy? Why do we torture ourselves getting up before sunrise? Why we stay in our workplace until 5 PM??? Because we need the paycheck. Because WE KNOW that if we do the work, the paycheck comes at the end of the month. You don’t have to enjoy it everyday, you just got to DO IT and the paycheck will come. So you do it. Period.


And this is why I still went to the gym today, funk and all. Because I’m following a program that is proven. I had seen what it has done for others. Heck, I’m only 3 weeks on it and I’m already seeing unexpected results. So, I know there’s a very good prize at the end. I know there is a reward at the end. And I want it. I want it bad. Just like I want my paycheck every month. And to get that prize, I just got to do the work… outs. Just like work, and I don’t need to enjoy it everyday. I just have to DO IT. Enjoy it or not, hate or not; if I do the workouts, the prize will come.

I want the results, so I did the job. I worked out for 90 minutes. I disliked every single one of them. But I did it anyways. And felt great afterwards, like “Thanks God that is over”. The same thing I said after I left my workplace at 5 PM. I’m sure the paychecks are on their way. Both of them.

It’s the end of the month.



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