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NSV’s about swimming

Publicado: 05/07/2011 en cardio

This post comes inspired by this post and this one from Foodie McBody!!!!

Wait, do you not know what a NSV is? Really? Are you living under a rock? A NSV stands for “Non Scale Victory”, as in something you achieve in your weight loss/fitness journey, but it doesn’t have anything to do with actual weight loss or the scale.

So, with that in mind, here are my NSV’s about swimming:

1) I remembered how much I love the water.

When I was a kid, I used to spend the whole summer in the pool. And sometimes in the sea as well, and it always was a great time. Except that one time… I was a the beach, age 17 or so, and the sea was sort of weird. Big waves, violent actually. I was having fun “swimming” (not as with technique or doing crowl or anything, just playing in the sea) and for safety reasons, I was right next to “the rope”. Like, this huge rope that begun in the shore and went deep deep into the sea. Maybe to delimit where you were allowed to swim? From this rope to the right you can swim with the supervision of the lifeguard?

Anyway, in just one second, this big wave came and *flushed* my swuimwear right to my ankles!!!!!! I opened my legs, scissors-like, to prevent it to go away and left me freaking NAKED, and then booooom! the tide came back and sent me rolling under the water. I managed to grab my swimwear with one hand, wich left me with only one arm to swim and dude, it wasn’t enough. I had to decide between losing my swimsuite or drown. Tough one. But then, I remembered…. the rope!!! I managed to swim to the rope, drinking lots of salty water. I neded to use both hands to use the rope and “climb” back to safety. Then, booom! I lost the swimsuite on one leg! OMG! OMG! I locked the other leg to my other knee, like making a “4” to lock the swimsuite in that ankle, and it took me about 15 minutes to get to the shore!!!

It was quite a scare, but I kept on playing in the water. It was more like a scary yet funny story. Then, one year, I just stopped. I forgot that I like the water. I was too busy getting fat, I guess.  I remember that love now.

2) It made me socialize more at the gym.

Because I’m that idiot you workout next to day after day after day…. and he never says hello. Or just a nod. Or anything.

In my defense, I’m either lifting weights or counting seconds of rest between sets. Nothing more exists. Like some wise dude said once “At the gym, there could be a pillow fight between a guy in a pink leotard and a guy in a teddy bear costume behind you, and you wouldn’t notice that, because you’re so in the workout”. Cool, uh? Now, to take that image off your mind, rinse your head in bleach.

I took some swimming lessons. I had partners. I talked more. I re-encounter some of them at the weight room. I kept on talking… a bit more.

3) I learned to not be so embarrased of my body.

Sure, I have taken my shirt off and take some progress pics for the blog. This gringos live far far away, anyway! You can look at my body and think “Yeah, he needs to lose more fat if we wants a six-pack” but comment “You’re doing great! Keep the good work!!!”

But when you actually take you shirt off in public, people do look. And you can read what they think of you in that first glare, the first second they lay their eyes on you. Their eyes say everything, whatever cames out of their mouths can be fake. You know what I mean? “Hey Rein, you’re looking so…. *weird eyes, looks at belly, looks back at my eyes* … great!!!”

So, when they told me I had to wear SPEEDO BOXERS…. my heart died a little bit. Regular swimwear weights like 3 pounds when wet, sinking your lower body into even further depts. My first worry was the… umh, buldge. I don’t have a micro pen… can I say penis here? Oops. Let’s just say “stuff” are perfectly normal down there, but actually wearing a speedo IN PUBLIC?? A SPEEDO? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?

It was really hard difficult, but I bought one and I wear it to the swimming classes. It was a stupid worry, I mean most men do wear speedo tight stuff at the pool and just a bunch of them are slim. Even “Bathrobe Grampa” wears one. And you’re only seen on them outside the water, anyway. (Frankly, when I learned you should take all metal accesories off before entering the pool, I’m more interested in them NOT seeing my piercings now.)

And that’s why I bought speedo briefs soon after. Because I look at them at the mall and thought “No way I’ll EVER wear those at the pool”. Then my brain clicked. “Is this… is this a DARE?” Remember, I do not look like the guys who model this kind of crap. But other dudes wear those at the pool, overweight dudes if you must know… and I was actually AFRAID AND SCARE of wearing them??? Eff’ it. I bought them , I wear them. It’s just workout clothes, right?

So, this swimming thing has teached me one thing or two. I still need to overcome that panic-feeling of “Oh crap, I need to BREAAAAAAAAAAAATH” when I actually do not.

It’s a work in progress.


As you may (or not) know, I got my first tattoo this monday. It’s a statue of Eros on my left calf. I got to say, I was pretty lucky this first week of healing. Absoluty NO crusties, NO blood, NO scabs, NO ink leaking… my skin was a little sore, but minimally.

But today (Saturday) I woke up to this image:

Flakes all over the place! And some disgusting man-leg hairs regrowing as well. That’s the mother recipe for itchingness. But still, not THAT itchy. Go figure.

In other news, Tuesday’s night I assalted the fridge. I was looking for something paleo friendly, and I found a burger. YUM! Heated it on the microwave and eat it. Next day, I learned that the meat was on the fridge for at least 5 days. Then the stomach cramps begun. Then, the repeated visits to the little boy’s room. And more cramps. And more bathroom visits. Oh God.

I wanna be classy, so I’ll put it this way: I missed weight training the whole freaking week because I didn’t wanted to push myself hard and have an… accident. You get the idea, I hope. Ugh. FML. Stomach cramps every 5 minutes… dehydration… FML.

This Friday I went to Body Combat class and felt well most of the time, but by the end of it I felt like I was shacking my body too much and felt like throwing up. Luckly, I didn’t. Saturday morning I felt better, let’s see how Sunday will feel like…

Then again, I feel good. Tommorrow I want to hit the weights again. So I guess this pic summarize both of those feelings:

Hot dude. I would hump myself! (kidding)

I also cooked some Filled Chicken Breast. I’ll get to work for that post tomorrow!

Whoa! What a Sunday! I woke up early and after having a cup of a much needed Java I started a fire for a BBQ.

The meat was great! I invented a sauce for it: EVOO, vinegar, lemon juice, black peppe, garlic powder and Dijon mustard. It was GOOD.

After that I went to the public pool and let me tell ya, WOW. I’m not talking about the pool from the Y, where I count laps and wear funny googles. This is the pool where I spend all my summers while growing up. Thousands of memories in a body of water. And there are certain distances I could never swim in there because point A was so very far from point B. Except this Sunday I swam from point A to B and back to A!!! I’m getting better at this swimming thing 😀

After that I hit the weights and after that I recorded a little video. It started with Josie recording herself doing a plank. Then Susan did a video with a longer plank. One thing lead to another and bam! now everybody is planking their ass off LOL Anyway, enjoy my very first english spoken video post:

On Monday, I thought “Well, what if all the swimming and lifting wore me down yesterday? What if I can do a longer plank?” So, I tried again:

Yeah! Now I need to work on my form. I’m not done planking yet!

Ugh. Tuesday I skipped my workout because I still felt dizzy from my ear inflammation. Luckly it wasn’t an infection, but still. What ARE infected still? My eyes. I need to put some drops every 4 hours, wich freaks me out everytime!! EYE don’t think I can take the drops any longer, and yeah, bad pun…

So, Wednesday was a “OMG! What are those bumps in my groin? Oh relax, you just grow a pair” kind of day. Even with the nose running, even with the mild discomfort in the ear, even with the cough and the itchy eyes, I went to the gym for some weight lifting. It was a nice upper body workout of pecs, shoulders, arms and forearms I like to call…. “Workout C”. And yes, there is an “A” and a “B” as well. And no, I’m not groundbreaking at naming stuff, obviously…

After the lifting (wich went suprisingly well) I showered, put the swimsuit and off to the pool I went. The flower-ish smell of fucking CHLORINE reminded me of the eyes’ infection situation and some part of my brain said “Oooooohhhh  crap, I forgot about that!” Decisions, decisions… Go back, or just put my thight googles and *literally* just jump into the pool?

Another part of my brain said “Dude, worst case scenario, the chlorine actually desinfects your eyes”. I decided to trust that voice. Yes, I know, but I said I decided!!! The pool is 25 meters long, and I swam 125 meters in about 15 minutes. That’s 5 times crossing the pool. 3 of those were panicky, drowny and unpleaseant. The other 2, however, were more relaxed and enjoyable. I guess it’s practice, practice, practice!!! And the chlorine didn’t get anywhere near my poor eyes. So I called it a win.

In other news, I finished my super-uber muscle growth experiment, all supported with broscience. The results were… amusing. I took the pics and measurements, but due technical difficulties (freaking USB port of camera burnt and started to smoke, HOLY CRAP!), that post was delayed until, I don’t know, tomorrow? Just need to get my hands on a netbook with an SD card reader. Bear with me.


Last swimming lesson

Publicado: 15/01/2011 en cardio, Paleo/Primal

That’s a rap! We did a little bit of everything: kicking in the “sword” position, kicking with the belly up, swimming with props, etc.

I did good on everything except kicking facing up and arms making the sword position. I just sank. Like a “face up submarine”. Well, not sank into the actual bottom. I was *so close* to be out of the water, just a few inches under it. Still, that’s not enough to breath in 😦

And what is the solution, according to my coach? R-E-L-A-X my arms. But I’m fucking drowning!!! I guess it comes down to a lot of practice….

Of actual crawl swimming I did 3 laps (to the other side and back) and the pool’s length it’s 25 meters. So that’s 0,15 kilometers!! Wait, why are you making that “confused gringo” face? Oh, I get it. Alright, alright!!! I’ll do it!! Sheeez! Wait a minute *goes to google* …  OK, that would be 500 feet. Not to shabby for the untrained 30 y/o smoker, huh?

The most important thing I learned with the lessons: I need to shut up “the voice”!!! You know the voice. The one that tells you “You need to stop!! You can’t do this anymore, just walk!!” when you’re running. The voice that tells you “You… can’t… lift this!!” at that last rep in the weight room. In the pool, the voice yells at you “Breath in every arm movement (Jeez, what’s the english word for the arm move?) or you’ll drown. OK, you are drowning!!! Stop and breathe! BREATHE!!!!”

But in reality, if you would make the same moves on land, it’s not really that demanding. A little kicking that you can do forever, and a little arm moves. Nothing fancy about 1 time breathing in, 3 times breathing out. You could probably do it for minutes and minutes until you need to stop for the muscle burn, not because of your breathing.But in the water, you feel like  it’s like a marathon condensed in a few seconds. Like your heart is going to beat off your chest, explode and live your lifeless corpse floating around in a pool of your own blood!!! That’s “the voice” trying to make you panic. That’s when you need to relax. That’s why you just need to practice.

Turns out that swimming, just like running, it’s tougher on your mind than on your body.

Oh well, after the class was over, the whole team (attendees and couch, and her boyfriend) went to a Chinese restaurant to celebrate. Wich gets me to my next point: Diet Hard 3: with a vengeance. I had been slacking off with what I eat. Eating way to much bad carbs. Just check my previous post. I little bread with butter here, french fries there… so, I’m getting late on the Paleo Challenge! Clean, good eating Paleo for the rest of January. If I couls eat those carbs and be OK, it would be fine. But I had been keeping my same level of exercise, plus added the swimming lessons, yet  the belly has grown. A little bit, I’m still a skinny fuck, but some fatty growth can be seen. So, that.

A salute to @Irun2BeFit, she’s starting to swim as well. This is her blog, BTW ;-D

Swimming class #3

Publicado: 07/01/2011 en cardio

Big change in class today!! We  got a new trainer!!

Finally! I mean, we were 7 people in the class with very different backgrounds on this swimming thing. 4 of us wanted to polish our crawl technique to look smooth. The other 3 never met a pool, and had trouble just sticking their face in the water without panicking.

So they split us into 2 swimming classes. Good thing, I ended up in the “advanced” split AND get to learn from the same guy that trained me about 2 years ago!

Anyways, what we practiced:

– Vertical floating. Sure, most people can stay vertical while kicking and moving the arms. But have you tried to stick your extended arms in the sides of your body and fully extend your legs (without kicking), and still manage to float AND BREATHE for over 3 minutes? Yes, it can be done! Tip: tilt your head up!

– We practiced the arrow and the kicking. We learn that a slower, more wide kick is better than a fast, almost sprint-like short kick. Sure, you don’t get to move as fast, but you don’t burn yourself out.

– We practiced relaxing the knees and heels while kicking. All the force comes from the hip (where the huge muscles are) and the rest of leg just follows along without doing any real  effort.

– Also we dive into the deep floor of the pool. And touch the bottom. Cool.

Also, even if a few years went since I took swimming lessons with him, my trainer still remembers my name. And he remembers seeing me at some 5K races. And he had the freaking nerve to dare me to run a 10K in April. What do you think, should I bite?

Oh, I almost forgot! I have news in the hiatus-from-swimming thing. If you click the “previous entry” link at the bottom of this post, you’ll read that I’m planning to get done two mistery piercings and a sleeve tattoo sometime after March. Since I can’t swim in a public pool during healing, and the healing period of one of those piercings is about 6 months, my plan was to enjoy the pool as long as I could and giving this up for almost half a year.

But I did a little bit of researching, and it turns out I can still swim all-year around, even while healing the piercings! Turns out they (who are THEY, anyway?) came up with a patch that you can wear in a wound and shower and swim and whatever. Think a waterproof sleeve plastic thing that you can wear to the shower while wearing a casket for a broken arm. It’s the same, but as a patch.

That will take care of one of the piercings to get in contact with the pool water. The second piercing… well, I don’t want to just say it, but ok, I’ll just say the solution involves an anticonceptive method and a rubber band. Don’t ask, I wont tell.

With the tattoo sleeve, I’m fucked. But I just need to wait about 2 weeks between tattoo sessions so I can get some swimming done in between. I found a tattoo artist that’s just amazing. He sweats talent. I can’t wait for the summer to be over!

Lazy Kid won

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You know how people say they have a “Fat Kid” in them? After an eating binge, they say “I really let the Fat Kid loose”. In my case, I have a Lazy Kid. It makes me miss my workouts. And today, I let the Lazy Kid loose.

Craaaap! I even get into my workout clothes. And then, I didn’t go. I stayed home.I eff’d it.

OK, let’s just breathe for a minute. Let’s plan, well, plan B. My original plan was: today, weights; Friday, cardio (body combat); and weights again somewhere in the weekend.

Plan B: tomorrow, weights; Saturday, cardio (10K training), Sunday, weights (maybe, maybe not).

See? No harm done. No binge eating because “I might as well…”. Just a quick thinking, a re-schedule, and really no harm done. Let’s call it a “spontaneous strategy to avoid overtraining”.

Oh! As for eating. Loving the Primal Blueprint eating lifestyle so far. I made my meals for tomorrow. Wanna hear about it?

Breakfast: Bacon & ground beef frittata (3 freakin’ eggs!).

Lunch: Beef with cauliflower rice and an avocado. You know when you cook meat and you have lots of juice from it in the pan? Adding that to the cauli rice is like, what’s the word, heaven.

Snack: Half a roasted chicken breast, stuffed with swiss chard.

And fruits here and there.

Just a bump in the road. No biggie.

The birthday’s 5K event

Publicado: 02/08/2010 en cardio

I loved my birthday yesterday!! It was so weird! Me, waking up at 8:30 AM on a Sunday? And the Sunday is my birthday? And running an event? What the heck is happening to me!!! I should be sleeping all morning, and wake up with a hangover!

I learned a lot from my first event back in May. For starters, it’s very cold that early, so I must bring lots of clothing. And the thing will always start like 90 minutes later than scheduled. Bring coffee. Bring water. Once running, start slow, keep it steady, a little more speed in the last lap, sprint the final meters. Uhm.

I was there right on time, 9:30. There was 3 running (5K, 10K, 21K) and 2 duathlons events. We were about 600 human beings. At 10:40 AM, they all started at once… except the 5K. We started at 12:15 PM, it was like the “kid’s race” ¬¬

It went smooth. I didn’t walk at all. I sprint the final meters trying to beat a dude, I passed him, then he passed me back, then we were both sprinting like hell and the people at the goal was cheering us!!! But he beat me at the end LOL No medal for me, but they did give a pin.

Only 4 people finished after me. But this are people from the YMCA we’re talking about. Everyone there was a fitness machine.

I’m happy I got to run this event. Running this 5K the day of my 30th birthday was a statement. I’m starting the third decade of my life with a new lifestyle, full of good eating and exercising and being fit (or working towards it, anyway).

But I must say, I’m done with the 5K events. I wont run another one in my life, if I can help it. Of course, that doesn’t mean that I’m done running. Now, if you excuse, I must go train for my first 10K!

July is almost over, just like my twenties LOL (oh wait, I meant *SOBS*) and I decided it’s time for a little cheering up. You know, lately I had been a little down because of this turning 30 thing and this last little fat I can’t get rid of fast enough….

But there are good things in the fitness area also. For example, I think I’m in the best shape of my life. Yes, I had more muscle, but with much more fat too. And I had been leaner, but not with this solid mass and background of knowledge (I did almost only isolation exercises back in the day, stupid youth!).

I was never before able to run a 6K. I was the kind of guy who thought he couldn’t run for 1 minute. Also I discovered Body Combat almost a year ago, and still get the chills before attending a class (yeah, is that good!). I will never again train in a boring treadmill or stationary bike, never again! My cardio is now fun, and I actually want to do it.

I also re-discovered my deep love for the iron. I forgot about it in the last few months. Lifting weights was a chore, but not anymore. I’ll elaborate more extensively about this in an upcoming post!

And the nutrition, man, the nutrition! I feel that I got this so nailed. I see food as fuel. I have almost completely separeted food from emotion. I can get into this crazy fads ideas to try new results and actually commit to them. No carbs for a months? Sure, why not. Eating the same 3 meals a day for 2 months? AH! Been there, done that. And I have gotten results and I DIDN’T GAIN THE WEIGHT BACK after returning to “normal diet”. If I ate something not on the plan, I didn’t binge. I just moved on an kept on track. I understand that this kind of nutritional stunts might be a pitfall for most people, so I see them as “advanced” moves. Like the starving and dehydration bodybuilders go through a week before a contest. It’s something to do for a little while, if you can go through it without losing your mind in the process.

And I have a blog =) I love fitness blogs! If it wasn’t for this blog, I wouldn’t have this pics to compare. But now I do. So, to make a little background, here are the pics I took this last April, when I started this blog:

Four months later, I took these pics today. As usual, no bellies are vacuumed in, and the pics are taken after I got home from work, so no post-gym pump or anything funny:

So, there you have it. The last pics of my twenties. I wonder how I will look in the last pics of my thirties!

PS: I just remembered! Do you remember the water challenge? 2 liters per day, like 2 weeks ago? I had been owning my water!!!! I dont have the will power to remember sipping water all day long, but I CAN sip on 500 cc (half a liter) in 15 seconds! I had been doing that this past 2 weeks, and I drink more than the 2 liters in the challenge. Wicked cool!!!

The skin fit t-shirt

Publicado: 20/07/2010 en cardio, whatever

It’s amazing how our brain works. I mean, I am my brain, so I’m suppose to be in charge, right? I am my mind, so how can I play tricks on myself without me knowing I’m doing it? (reads again… yeah, that).

Like last saturday, I was shopping for what I seem to be expending more and more money nowadays: workout clothing. Through the biggest part of my weigh loss I wore common cotton t-shirt for my workouts. And dude, I sweat like a mad cow at the butcher. I always ended up drenched and cotton gets way too heavy when wet. So after I wasn’t a “L” size anymore I started to buy the fancy, “moisture-wick” workout clothes. The kind with the little holes trough the fabric. Yep, that kind.

Trust me, if you sweat like a do, it’s worth the investment. I left a puddle of sweat doing deadlifts, it’s ridiculous.

But I digress. Back to the shopping. I found this cool looking white t-shirt I just had to try on. I thought is was a little bit too small for a size “M”. I tried it on, only to found out it was a skin fit t-shirt. WAY, WAY more tight than any t-shirt I had ever tried on. I think it actually looked pretty good on me. But what was the first thing that came up to my mind??


Talk about punching yourself in the stomach without warning. Is that low self-steem, or just being cautious? I just automatically thought about them thinking “Look at that guy. I know he lost a lot of weight, but he really think he can wear a skin fit shirt? I mean, just look at that belly”. May I say, my beer belly kinda looks the same since the last progress pics.

The second thought was “It shows my piercings too much, so – wait for it – they’re going to laugh at me”. Wich is ridiculous. I had my nipples done a year ago, at age 29. It was an adult, well thought decision. Of course I thought about what would happen when I’ll show them in public at the beach, in the showers, in doctor’s appointments, etc. and yes, at first I was a little ashamed but I definitely didn’t had them done to hide them for the rest of my life and never take my shirt off in public.

The third thought was “They’ll think I’m trying to show off, so – I bet you guess it by now – they’re going to laugh at me”. Wich is ridiculous because…. oh wait. What’s the purpose of skin fit t-shirts, again? To let the sweat wick out faster? To keep more dry? Does it gives you more stamina? Nope. It is to show off. If I would wear that skin fit t-shirt, it would be to show off. But not to them, because there’s always the chance that they’ll laugh at me. I wanna show off to myself. Like “Look what you have accomplished. Now keep those punches and kicks looking good at the mirror!”.

Then the fourth – and last – thought came in. I thought “What if it’s offensive to the (OMG, I apologize in advance for the next few words) fat people at the gym?” And WHOAAA, there was a lot to take into analysis from that one. So, out of nowhere, if there is a line that divides “fat people” and “fit people” at the gym, I think of me now in the fit group? Well, look at that.

The truth is, when I was at 30% body fat and looked at the fit dudes doing their weight lifting rutine in a tight skin fit shirt, I thought “Well, that’s inspiring! Let’s go for that, keep lifting!”. Well, that’s not entirely truth. I tiny, very tiny part of me, the jeaulosy-filled-with-venom part of me was thinking “YEAH, I CAN SEE YOU ARE FIT DUDE, DO YOU HAD TO RUB IT IN MY FACE WEARING THAT TIGHT SHIRT, YOU FIT LITTLE SON OF A BIT*H?!?!?!??!” *breaths heavily for 20 seconds* Boy, that felt good coming out of my chest… Yeah, I admire them, but I secretly hate them too. Everyday I hated them a little less, though.

Anyway, I didn’t wanted to cast that reaction on people who are still earlier in their fat-loss journey. And yeah, I can get all that messy crap in my head from one lousy t-shirt.

So you’ll see, at that point I was pretty sure I was not going to buy the skin fit shirt. But then I saw that it was on sale. And if you get out of this blog post knowing just one thing, just one little thing about me, let it be this: I’m cheap. If dog food was actually cheaper than regular meals, I’ll think I would eat that a few times/week to save money. I’ll get in a fight for that coin in the floor. And the shirt was on sale. So of course I bought the darn thing.

I wore it today, at Body Combat class. I was very insecure about it but I have a great poker face so I wore that face also. Nobody seems to notice or care about the shirt. After 20 minutes I started to watch the t-shirt in the mirror so I could keep a look at my core and keep it tighten (so there is a practical use for this things!).

So, there it is, people. End of blog post. You can go home now. There’s nothing left to see here. What? What do you mean with “pics or it didn’t happened”???? OK, fine… here is little old me filled with endorphines after today’s Combat class 😉