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OMG. This Sunday started really odd. For starters, I woke up at 11 AM (and I’m famous for sleeping in until 1PM or later). Even more weird, on Saturday I woke up at 10:30 AM. WTF? Is the primal lifestyle giving me more energy or what?

After a fine breakfast of 3 eggs with bacon, I watched Spartacus S01E01 with the family. They loved it. I guess we’ll be back for more blood galore and fighthing next week. I don’t know what my Mom will think about the full frontal male nudity in episode 2… scratch that, I DON’T want to know what she will think about it, really.

After that I went to the gym. People, I almost had an orgasm. There was only 2 other human beings at the gym, so I had the place to myself. No waiting for the freaking squat station to be available. No longer watching for dumbbells to be available. It was the all gym, for me. I did everything that was on schedule. I pushed myself. Bench press almost made me cry, but I did it. I squatted. I deadlifted. I even stretched. It was awesome.

I showered at home and then proceeded to the manly flexing ceremony. Don’t make go into details here, but there is a manly flexing ceremony including a mirror, a pump and… well, that’s about all you need. After that, I was in the mood to take progress pics, which I did. Tomorrow I’ll post them, I promise.

After that, I ate 3 scrambled eggs with EVOO. 3 hours later, I ate a drumstick and thight from some murdered chicken with celery salad and a stir-fry (with butter) of mushrooms, cooked pinenuts and broccoli.

And I’m finishing things with a cold beer. Well, I know, but I say the hell with it. Tomorrow I’ll post the new pics!

In more interesting news (and spreading some link love), Tommy Damani has posted a new tips&tricks video on youtube, for all you combaters out there. And the post that made my night, Roni has some big news!!!! Be prepared to have your eyes watered!!

See ya tomorrow, guys!


July is almost over, just like my twenties LOL (oh wait, I meant *SOBS*) and I decided it’s time for a little cheering up. You know, lately I had been a little down because of this turning 30 thing and this last little fat I can’t get rid of fast enough….

But there are good things in the fitness area also. For example, I think I’m in the best shape of my life. Yes, I had more muscle, but with much more fat too. And I had been leaner, but not with this solid mass and background of knowledge (I did almost only isolation exercises back in the day, stupid youth!).

I was never before able to run a 6K. I was the kind of guy who thought he couldn’t run for 1 minute. Also I discovered Body Combat almost a year ago, and still get the chills before attending a class (yeah, is that good!). I will never again train in a boring treadmill or stationary bike, never again! My cardio is now fun, and I actually want to do it.

I also re-discovered my deep love for the iron. I forgot about it in the last few months. Lifting weights was a chore, but not anymore. I’ll elaborate more extensively about this in an upcoming post!

And the nutrition, man, the nutrition! I feel that I got this so nailed. I see food as fuel. I have almost completely separeted food from emotion. I can get into this crazy fads ideas to try new results and actually commit to them. No carbs for a months? Sure, why not. Eating the same 3 meals a day for 2 months? AH! Been there, done that. And I have gotten results and I DIDN’T GAIN THE WEIGHT BACK after returning to “normal diet”. If I ate something not on the plan, I didn’t binge. I just moved on an kept on track. I understand that this kind of nutritional stunts might be a pitfall for most people, so I see them as “advanced” moves. Like the starving and dehydration bodybuilders go through a week before a contest. It’s something to do for a little while, if you can go through it without losing your mind in the process.

And I have a blog =) I love fitness blogs! If it wasn’t for this blog, I wouldn’t have this pics to compare. But now I do. So, to make a little background, here are the pics I took this last April, when I started this blog:

Four months later, I took these pics today. As usual, no bellies are vacuumed in, and the pics are taken after I got home from work, so no post-gym pump or anything funny:

So, there you have it. The last pics of my twenties. I wonder how I will look in the last pics of my thirties!

PS: I just remembered! Do you remember the water challenge? 2 liters per day, like 2 weeks ago? I had been owning my water!!!! I dont have the will power to remember sipping water all day long, but I CAN sip on 500 cc (half a liter) in 15 seconds! I had been doing that this past 2 weeks, and I drink more than the 2 liters in the challenge. Wicked cool!!!

Joli Cheet!!!

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OMG. I just went through my pics archives only to find my pics from the start of the last challenge and the pic after the challenge. I know, I posted my before & after pics already, but I guess I never REALLY look at them. The change seemed to me so little when I posted them. But now… I, mean, just look at these:

What tha hell??!?!?!?! It’s an amazing change!! OK, now I’m totally psyched out. I just want the time to pass already! How will I look in 6 more weeks? Can’t wait to figure it out!

So yeah, I have decided to give it another go to the Tommy Damani’s 6 week challenge. And this time, I actually have a goal to met. Last time, the main goal was just to finish it, but now my goal is to drop body fat to 15%.

If you just happen to end up here and don’t know anything about the challenge, here it is:

– From Monday to Friday, your breakfast is 1 cup oats or other WW cereal with fat free milk. For lunch, a WW sandwich of veggies, avocado, chicken and ham. For dinner, a chicken salad with no oil.

– Saturday is the same, except you add a little bit more calories. A banana on breakfast, some cheese in the sandwich, and some low fat salad dressing at dinner.

– On Glorious Sunday, you can have anything you want. Basically is the cheat day.

OK, that’s the short version of it. You can watch the videos explaining everything in detail in Tommy’s YouTube channel.  And check the forums of the challenge too.

Last time I checked, I was a 19,3% body fat and weighted about 69 kilos. That was about 2-3 weeks ago, I think. But I believe I have continued to lose some weight. Now, what I really want is to get this nutritionist I work with to evaluate my BF%, but I think she doesn’t have a caliper right now. I’ll ask her again tomorrow. If she can’t do it, I’ll have to rely on those glitchy machines from the drugstores and pics.

So, Tommy Damani’s challenge is now officially over. Yay! So I snap some post pics for you to see. Still no 2-pack visible, and the pics may not show my weight loss I think, but this I can say: my 44 size jeans were really tight at the beggining of this, and now I can easily put a fist between my belly and the jeans 🙂

And just to prove I didn’t cheat, here is a pic of my really trying to hide the belly…

And the space that now exists between my humanity and my jeans…

And so, the journey keeps on going. Its a never ending journey anyway! Even when you get there, you still have to maintain it!

As I finished this crazy low calorie challenge, it’s time to start planning for the future and make sure I don’t bounce back in fat weight. So the first thing that needs to come back is my weight training. It has been around mmmh… like 3-4 months since my last session. When I started the diet, and the 6K training, I decided that this last weeks will be all about cardio and mind the weights later. Well, now it’s that time.

I’m gonna stick to the basics for starters. Just compound exercises such as squats, press, bench press, and the like. No more than 45 min for the whole thing, intense with short rest periods, three times a week; and hopefully all the new calories will go to recover my lost muscle (I’m a firm believer in muscle memory). Back when I was 29% body fat, there was a lot of flab but there was  a lot more muscle than today, so I’ll try to gain that back keeping the BF low. After every short workout I’ll run 4-5K to keep the engines going (20-30 min cardio). On top of that, 3 body combat classes per week wich I can’t stop doing, because I’m hooked AND it’s a social event for me too. This sounds like a good plan.

So after this sunday I’ll start to separate slowly from the diet. I’ll keep the breakfast and lunch the same, and add some carbs at dinner (I exercise after 7 PM so it will be my post-workout meal) and some other different kind of protein because, dude, no more chicken please! I think I might keep the breakfast for good, I kinda like it because its fast to make and I can either drink it, spoon it or both. Oats are good.

So now I’ll go and start studying my weight training book. I’ll tell you all about it in a next to come post.

New pics

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My right knee has been in pain this last week. Figured it was my patella being pulled in a different way by my quads now that they are trained in another way.The pain starts at the beggining of my runs and I end up limping after it. The next day I’m OK, except for some moments during the day when the pain shows up for minute and then goes away.

So this colleague of mine looked at it today. He thinks I might have tendinitis of the hamstrings. I have never been able to touch my toes because of my stiffed hamstrings, and now I’m paying for my lack of flexibility. So I need to stretch, put ice packs on it and of course, keep training! Well, the last part I added.

Pics of wednesday, week 5, compared with the week 3 pics:

I see progress!!! Do you?

Just like last time: previous pic first, latest update second. I tried my best to take them in the same angle. Notice the new haircut!

I think I look almost the same. Oh well, you can’t win them all.

Yes, I’m eating new running shoes! LOL This weekend I has a conference in the big city, and all of it was B-O-R-I-N-G.  Saturday was the hardest day on the diet ever. Conference was full of junk food. And you know what’s worst than junk food? FREE junk food! Baked goods, cookies, white bread with a plethora of fatty spreads, soda, you name it. And after I managed to get out of there there’s the Evil M every 200 mts along with KFC, Burger King, and lots more of local fast foods brands. It was hard, but somehow I managed. Kind of. Sort of.

After a long night travelling in a bus, I was ready to eat anything they would serve me. The road was extremely bumpy, with the earthquake and all, I felt al night like I was in the plane from LOST. So at saturday’s morning the guy from the bus gave me this modest sized white bread with margerine and the thinnest slice of ham in it, and a cup of coffee. I decided that, with enough imagination, it resembled a cup of oats and gulped the thing. Now mind this: if I didn’t ate that, I would try to find another source of breakfast on land. And I know what kind of places are open near the terminal. Trust me, they are worst. I calculated roughly 350 kcal for breakfast.

For lunch I ate a WW sandwich with chicken, palm hearts, lettuce, and a suspicious sauce. 330 kcal for the whole thing. And for dinner, a Burker King’s (wait for it) “Del Huerto Salad”. Just veggies, a very modest piece of roasted chicken breast and fake lemon juice. I skipped the oil. OK, there was cheese and crutouns in it too, but I had to remove most of them. Not because of the diet, but because the were really bad crutouns and cheese that basically tasted like crap.

The highlight of the trip was my visit to the running shoes store. I walked there in this nervious mindstate, kept thinking “they’ll know I’m not a runner, they’re gonna laugh at me”. The store was empty, because I went there fisrt thing in the morning. This guy came to me and asked what I wanted. I said, trying to look all-sporty spice: “Well, you know, I’m training for a 6K and I want some new running shoes”. I expected him to say “Oh, really? Because I just saw you gasping for air when you climb the stairs before entering my store”, but luckily he didn’t.

Instead he asked “Do you know if you are neutral, over-pronator…?” Akward silence. I was going to say “Dude, I’m not into that, but thanks anyway, I’ll take it as a compliment” but then I remembered I knew those terms from collegue! As I never tested my stride before, he had me try the white&yellow shoes from the pic and run a little for him. I did, and he said I’m neutral but my legs are a little odd, like a penguin. If I stand up and look at my feet, they mark 11 and 1 o’clock. Penguin like, you know.

He looked at my old shoes, the ones I was wearing and nodded his head. They look kinda like this:

..and he said they didn’t work for me. The shock absorbers are too big, and a person of my weight cant break them at the stride. So basically I was running with one of this:

So that’s were the knee and ankle pain was coming from! As you can see, my new running shoes are much more flat. I even wear them for a 3.6 kms run. It was a very special thing to run across the Palacio de la Moneda and the Entel Tower at the beats of BodyCombat 7-8 latest tracks!

Today is Monday and I must confess that I cheated. I eat a shit load of popcorn @ Clash of the Titans 3-D and trust me, it’s not worthy. Not the popcorn, the movie. It sucks ass. I know the trailer looks good but just dont go watch it. Or at least go watching on 2-D, I think that might be even better than the 3-D. Or wait for the DVD.

Anyways… c ya!


I wanted to post about something tonight, but couldn’t grab a topic to write long enough so that it would seems like I’m not just twitting. So, random thoughts mode on.

– How come kids can be such idiots? There was this line of all the dudes from Body Combat at the gym’s showers yesterday, and this teens from the swim team were using all the 8 showers and chatting and talking and shampooing 4 times just to able to keep chating in the showers and we had to wait 10 whole minutes for them to get out. And in the dressing room they kept the chatting and talking and yelling and they gave me a headacke. Stupid kids. To make it worst… Hairy Balls was in the shower line. And he doesn’t like to wear a towel. Think that scene from “Austin Powers Goldmember” where Austin keeps looking at the mole from that guy’s face and saying MOLE MOLE MOLE!!! That, but sicker.

– I have a business trip on the weekend at the big city, and I’m using the oportunity to go to this running shoes’ store and have my foot look at. Hopefully they can sell me the right kind of shoes because I’m getting a little sore down there and if I want to keep on schedule and finish my training on time, I cannot miss a session for an injury. I downloaded the C25K app in my Iphone and my next run will be at the big city on saturday:)

– Totally loved my run tonight! I had to stop for a walk 3 times (it’s in the program) and even sprinted those last meters. It felt good and easy. The air was horrible tough, a lot of smog. A LOT.

– I need more sleep. Please Self, do something about that. And I’m getting this weird cough, too. Not good.

– As for Tommy Damani’s diet, still not liking the avocado. Starting to lose any interest on food. But I mean that in a good way.

– And I just downloaded a ton of tunes for my runs! I needed something that would unleash my inner warrior, that would take me to the extreme and free the testosterone-filled latin macho in me!!! So what did I download, you ask?? I’ll take a guess and hope you know what I mean just by saying “think 7 and 8”. “Between 39 an 42”. Those tunes are PUNCHY PUNCHY PUNCHY yay! Lots of BPM!

OK, random thoughts mode off. Peace.