I’m going to try to make a summary of every month of everything fitness related from now on. So, for january, 2012:

– Vacation week was spectacular! Lots of sun, red skin LOL, and fun. But the eating was… not perfect. I did eat stuff with gluten, and rice, and potatoes. But… I managed to eat 2 times a day, wich I think it helped, and not every meal was non primal. Also, lots of walking and swimming. And dancing. And booze :$. And cheap carbs at the beach.  Somehow, even with not perfect eats, I managed to came home even leaner than I left my house 😀

– In the sun deparment, I took sunbaths all vacation week long, and then some other camping days during the weekends. I used 30 factor sunblock only in my tattooes, and in the rest of my skin a 15 factor oil SOMETIMES. Mainly, I was in the sun without anything on my skin. Yes, I got a little red, but not that much. Up to this day, still no skin cancer.

– Up to this year, young chileans (45 years old and younger) have really catched up with getting tattooed. Now, everybody has ink. I saw a lot of sleeves. But for some reason, the same heavily tattooed people made a “WTF!!!” face when they saw my piercings. One little girl, around 14 years old, just ask me at the beach as we crossed paths: “Did those hurt?” And I answered her with a smile “Those are nipple piercings. Of course they hurted like a bitch!” She laughed.

– Chin-ups are in a plateau. Or I feel a light workout to easy, or I can’t finish a harder one. I took a test yesterday, and I can do 11 consecutive, full ROM, slow chin-ups in 1 set. So I went back to the 20 pull ups program (but I’m doing it with chin-ups) and started another week for the 11 reps. It felt too easy. It’s like I can’t get this program right. Sigh.

– Push ups are a different story!! I did 100 ALMOST consecutive push ups yesterday!!! GO ME!! OK, I did took like, 5 rests. The first one was like, 2 seconds. Just a pause to get my mind right, at 45 push ups. Then another rest, maybe 4 secs. Then, another for 5 secs. The fifth rest was like 8 seconds. And then, I finished 100 push ups. WOW.

– And I’m getting really good at dips. Full body weight, triceps focused dips in parallel bars. Last workout I did 5 sets of 12-14-10-10-14 reps. Triceps were pumped to the point that I had a hard time getting the lock opened with my key at the locker room, because my whole arms were shacky. That’s a good sign.

– Also, I had a carb binge just two days ago. Cake as the offending item. Today, I ate right. Lots of meats, veggies and oops 2 servings of red wine. SOOO GOOOOOOD!!! And nowm enjoying beer 😀

So that’s for January. Next week I’m posting new progress pics! See ya there.-


Because nothing says “I’m a fucking sex machine” like your pic taken while you do push ups and stare at the camera.

I’ll be away for the next week. I’m going to the beach, again! Last year, the tan lasted for about 9 months, WOW! I’ll be on Viña del Mar, here are some pics:

Yay! Also, I’ll be gymless for about a week too. But I am NOT taking the week off.

My plan is to stick to a bodyweight routine. Squats, pistol squats, crunches, push ups… hence the image in the beggining of this post.

May I say, I’m enjoying this new format of posting. You know, giving you a pic at the beginning of the post totally unrelated to the title, and then linking it to a whole idea. Yes, I like it!

So, I’m travelling but I have no idea where I’m going to sleep. Don’t know where to wash my clothing. Don’t know where (or what!) am I going to eat. I’m taking a leap of faith, and hope for the best.

I’m reviving my twitter account (it’s @darnfood) to post pics, so follow me there! And track my bodyweight’s exercises in fitocracy.com (I’m Reinaldo_ over there). Can’t get into fitocracy? Do you need an invite? Drop me a e-mail/comment/DM and I’ll send you one. It’s a great site. Think facebook meets twitter meets an RPG. You actually win points for working out, and level up!

Anyways, that’s it for now. I’ll be present in social media. See you there!

Me: OK, go, take the pic…

Designated photographer: (SILENCE) Wait, I was recording!

Me: ¬¬’

Designated photographer: OK, 1, 2…3! *flash*

Me: OK, let me see it… What? But it doesn’t show… (LOOKS AT MIRROR, POINTS OUT BELLY TO FRIEND) But… do you see this? Or I is it just me who see it?

Designated photographer: The abs? Yeah, I see them too…

Me: But why I can’t see them in the pic?

Designated photographer: (SHRUGS) How am I supposed to know? I only came here because I was told there would be free beer…

–   o   –

Flashback a couple of days. I was in the drugstore and saw one of those scales that also measure your body fat. The kind that gives different readings if you drink a glass of water in between measurements. The kind you shouldn’t trust, EVER. Of course, I hopped on it. The first pic in this post is the results.

For the Americans, who insist on measuring stuff in Imperial nonsense, I translate:

Weight: 140,8 pounds

Height: 5,6 feet

% Body fat: 15,9%

Fat mass: 22,6 pounds

Lean mass: 118,6 pounds

BMI is normal, Body Fat % is actually below normal. Compared to who, I wonder.

So, about 4 days ago I ask a friend to take this pics, as you already read in the beggining. Here they are:

I said it before in other posts, I said it in the beggining of this one: I have a little more abs’ definition than what you see on the pics, damn it!!!  Today it hit me… maybe it’s the flash? Wait, the short video my friend recorded by accident didn’t have the flash lightening. So, of course, I uploaded the short, just-a-few-seconds vid for ya…

If you can’t see it, here are the two pics, the photo and the video thumbnail:

Without the flash, the shadow effect is clearly different. And this is with no special lights. But add the flash, and I lose abs definition because of it. Argh!

Anyways… there you have it. Progress pics at the beggining of 2012 (last year EVER).

Happy New Year!!!

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Happy 2012!!! Let’s face it, it is our last year before the Earth blows up in a hellish ball of fire… so enjoy every day!

Now, I hope you behaved this New Year’s Eve. I mean, it’s OK to party with your friends, i f you must…

And maybe even have a drink or two while you do karaoke. That’s cool too.

What it’s not cool at all, is to drink your own mass in alcohol and somehow think that hanging some Christmas ornaments in your crotch is funny because you get to have golden balls. Wait, WHAT!?!?!??!

And something that you must never, EVER do, is to stuff your manly chest with a Santa’s plushy and a Rudolph’s plushy, so you can have your picture taken while you pretend to twist your nipples in an erotic ecstasy.


O-H    D-E-AR   G-O-D.

And remember, if you get too drunk, you’ll look tipsy in the final pic, taken at 8:00 AM…

Umhh… yeah…. Let’s pretend THAT never happened, OK?

Anyways, HAPPY 2012!!!!

OK, lets see if THAT title gets me some more clicks… uhu, did I said that out loud?!?!?!!?

Anyways…. do not look at the little man in the keyboard!! I’m over here, at the monitor screen!!!

So, progress pics. Are. A. Bitch. I can never get the light right, probably because I don’t know anything about photographs, and I take my pics from the IPhone camera. Oh well.

I can swear, really swear, my abs looks a little bit better in real life. But this is how they look like in a front shot with poor lighting and an Iphone camera. I see a different thing on the mirror :/

And the other shots:

Wait, did I told you about my new tattoo?

And the back view:

So, there you have it. Did I changed over the last couple of years?


Yes, I’m a Paleo/Primal advocate. But I’m not a zealot. I hate it when people get their megaphone out on the Internetz and start to lecture people with the Bacon Gospel.

This work for me. I’m pretty sure you’ll do it more than fine on it too. But I lost half my weight with a conventional low cal/low fat diet. Whatever rocks your boat.

So, I’m not here to tell you to eat more  fat and yada yada yada. Actually, do whatever diet/lifestyle you want! But please, just one note: be sure it’s working.

I don’t care why you eat what you eat. I’m sure you’ll have a lot a excuses for your “diet”. Really, even if you are a level 15 vegan (only eats things that don’t cast a shadow) and you look great, hey, good for ya! The same for other paleo folks, or The Zone folks, or the Weight Watchers folks.

Just do whatever you are doing, ONLY if you are getting results. If it’s working, don’t change anything!!! If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!!! But please, please… if you’re still not seeing any results after 3 months of staying on track on your diet/lifestyle… reconsider trying something else. I’m not saying that you must try MY THING. Because what worked for me might not work FOR YOU. What I’m saying is: if it’s not working after 3 months (plenty of time to see at least some results) make a change. Don’t get into the insane loop of doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results.

Now if you excuse me, I must go to bed and guard my bedroom with a baseball bat all night. I just watched the first 2 episodes of “American Horror Story” and I’m really hearing things in my house. I’m afraid that the BDSM ghost leather guy might show up here. Or the bleeding twins. Or Jessica Lange *shudders*. I’m not afraid of mistake an old lady for a hot redhair, because that kind of shit happens with alcohol anyways. Yeah… it happen to a friend of mine. Yep, uhu… to a friend of mine.

I shall not give up

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Let’s go back to a week ago. I was taking antibiotics, so I couldn’t drink any beer, so I decided I also was going to follow an hipocaloric diet for the week. Because starving yourself now and then could help you to lose weight permanently.

Wait, what? Excuse me, but that’s the yo-yo diet you’re talking about! If you starve yourself, you’ll gain all the weight back again and then some!

Well yes, and no. As Brad Pilon said (in a different post I couldn’t find ((dammit!!)), but I remember the words) saying that “dieting” way below your daily calorie intake for some time is useless because when you go back to your regular diet you gain it all back is like saying spending less money for some time so you can pay your credit card debt is useless because once you start using your credit card again like crazy you’ll regain all the debt back and then some.

Since the dawn of this blog, I had been losing fat (and gaining a moderate amount of muscle) permanently. Yes, I have seen loooooooong plateaus, and I’m far from perfect at eating or exercising, but I haven’t regain fat at all. Maybe the scale could have seen some ups and downs, but since I don’t weigh myself we’ll never know. But every now and then, I keep my calorie intake way way low and then I get back to my regular eating patterns. Think of it as the boost you use in Mario Kart (the mushroom thing), it makes me go forward a little bit faster in the fat burning thing, and when I start eating normal again, I just keep my previous momentum.

But I digress. Last week, remember? I was on antibiotics, not drinking beer, and I decided to make a little fat burning boost and go 800 cal/day for that week. Hell yeah, because I’m hardcore like that.

I went to the gym, and the first exercise was CHIN UPS. I’m currently following the 20 pull ups challenge (but with chin ups, not pull ups) and I did a total of 6-5-6-5-6 (new personal record, or PR). Great!

Then, it was time for PUSH UPS. Yes, I also follow the 100 push ups challenge. This time was 23-28-23-23-33 push ups. But, the last 33 push ups was, uuh, too much. I hit 20, and collapsed. Dammit!

Then, 4 sets of 11 SHOULDER PRESS reps. I couldn’t finish set 2. I was underslept, underfed, overtrained and undersexed too, and I just hit a wall. I said FUCK YOU, GYM! and left. I took a week off.

I needed it. I was sooo tired.

I went back today. Started with the fucking push ups that won over me last time. I finished the 23-28-23-23-33!!! Then, chin ups: 7-6-5-4-max (was 5 chins). Shoulder press was a bitch, but I did it! Also did some more shoulder work, biceps and triceps, all PR’s!!

So, my point is: it’s OK to take some time off the gym now and then. You’re not going to get fat again for skipping a week. It’s a rest week (not a binge week, mind that!). After you rest, you can go back and kick some serious ass. Even if yopu failed the last time. Recover, and own it a week later!!!

– Rein.

Overworked and underfed

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Hell yes. I was fasting today, and work was way over craaaaazy status, and I ended up overwhelmed.

By the time I got home, I was ready to hit the hay. 7 PM. But… the gym was on schedule. I did went to the gym and had a great workout. Really hard pec workout, then shoulders, then biceps.

But that’s not why I’m posting.

I FUCKING RULED the gym. I’m back on track. I feel powerful again, my stamina is back, and well, just FUCKING bring it on! Yeah! Bring.it.on.

No more feeling pity about myself. More iron pumping up and down!

More exercise, less thinking about exercising. It has been a long year, but I have changed a lot. I’m a different man now. I need to really see what I have accomplished, reward myself and rejoy at that difference a year make, don’t you think?

Back on business

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I took a week off. From blogging, from even thinking about blogging… from the gym, from reading blogs, from everything. I had a convention to attend, so I went there, and focus on work for a while. It was GOOD!

I guess I needed a break.

I’m currently following the Hollywood Physique Program, and yesterday I started a new “block”. Meaning another month of a totally different way of exercising, or “new routine”. Basically, it’s just 4 exercises per muscle, done without any rest. Sounds easy, but it’s really challenging. I was sweating like a pig!

Life… has been slowly becoming easier. Partnership issues are better, sex issues are bettter…heck, life is better!!!! I can only wish this keeps moving forward.

I’m still kicking here. Not giving up.


A bad day

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Because we all have them. Today was  a bad, bad  day in the fitness/health department.

I’m usually good.

Usually, I feel good about myself. I lost my fat weight, I’m in maintenance now… I’m thin.

And sometimes I look in the mirror and say “Look at  you, handsome!” and give myself a high five. And people compliment me at work all the time. I get more starings in the street. I know I’m hot.

I’m proud of my primal eating. It’s no easy all the time, but I manage to eat real food all the time, keepig my carb intake at bay.

I guess that’s the picture that you, the reader, have of me. Paleo dude who works out and is successful at fat loss, forever happy.

Yet, 2 hours ago, I was binging on brownies in my car, hating myself.

Work has been, well, ugh. Love life has been, well, double ugh. Sex life (yes, it’s a different item than love life) has been triple ugh.


So I bought sugar crap, and ate said crap. Did it feel good? Good Lord, it did! Any sorrow was deleted by the sugary brownies! At least for a good 5 minutes, it did. Oh Lord.

I went from “Look, if I contract my abs I got a 4 pack, I’m in the right track!” to ” WTF,  did I SWALLOWED a fucking whole watermelon and now the shit is stuck in my stomach(S)?” in just one day.

Call it male’s PMS. I skipped two weight training workouts. I feel miserable about that.

So, uhm. Feeling fat right here, stressing about it. I might lost a lot of weight, I might get my shit together most of the time, but I’m human just like you, and I too have bad days. Low self steem days. “Just eat crap because you are already fat” days. Even if I’m not fat at all. I have those too.

I hope tomorrow I’ll get a different perspective. I wanna feel good about myself. It’s just… ugh, one of those days.