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More shirtless progress pics, Adonis Index Style

Publicado: 24/07/2012 en Sin categoría

Wow. I just got to say wow. I have done more progress in my shoulders in the last 3 weeks than in the last 6 months with the Adonis Index Program. I’m waiting to finish the first module (each module is 4 weeks long) before actually writinig down a review, but I needed to share these pics!

The Adonis Index Program gives you the option to do a “booster” program for a certain body part. Meaning, after the actual workout, you can do a mini workout specifically design to make a body part grow (no, not that part you pervs). I chosen shoulders, so twice a week I do an extra shoulder workoutthat last abou 20-25 mins.

Anyway, this before pics are from January, but since then I was doing 2 workouts a week, 20 minutes per session, focusing in compound exercises (squats, chin-ups, dips, military press with bad range of motion in my shoulders). It was maintenance at its best. No fat gaining, no muscle gaining either. I looked just like this a month ago. After 3 weeks.. see for yourself.









This is after 3 weeks. I can’t even begin to wonder what waits for me deeper the rabbit’s hole.

Let’s find out together!