About me

Hi! So, if you click on this link, I bet you want to know who is that incredible handsome guy from the little pic on the right, uh?

Well. my name is Reinaldo and I’m from Chile. Yeah, you can spell my name anyway you want. English spoken people just short it as “Rein” (pronounced as “Reign”) and that’s actually pretty close on how it actually sounds. That being said, Spanish is my mother language and the english I know I told myself, so bare with me and expect some typos here and there.

I really have no idea how I got fat. What I really mean is that I dont remember being skinny and then becoming fat. Maybe you can blame bad snacking at school, lack of exercise, you name it. But I didn’t fest on fast food when growing up and still got fat. Lunch and dinner were always homemade in my home and there weren’t fattening meals at all.

Time passed and when I was 16 y/o I started to go to the gym. I loved it. Sometimes, when I had this really hard test and didn’t study for it, I skipped school (come on, you did it too, don’t give me that look) and in  that free morning I attended the gym. It was cool. I made progress. I got thin. Then again, I was on a surge of hormones. Then I graduated and everything went to the crapper.

There was no time for the gym anymore once I hit collegue. The next 5 years I spent on studying, eating crap and of course, binge drinking (the first couple of years, at least). I managed to graduate and received my diploma. I was a physical therapist. Oh, let me correct myself, a fat physical therapist.

I didn’t got a job right away, so with a lot of free time (the whole 24 hours, actually) I decided to go back to the gym.If you don’t mind the lack of money and a job, it was a sweet time. I got a certification on Pilates, and managed to teach 1 hour a day in a small gym-like-thingy this nutricionist had. You can translate that to: I teached 1 hour Pilates class to 4-5 people in her living room ¬¬ Of course, I got paid a miserably amount of money, for one miserable hour of work. Pilates was new here and there just wasn’t a public for it.

But anyways, the thing is I was able to hit the gym daily at 3 PM. That sweet time of the day when is just you and maybe 3 more people. Ahhh, the memories… no wating for machines, no gym etiquette issues… sweet times. I definatly have no pics of this golden era, because I didn’t owned a digital camera. I don’t think they had came out yet. So you’ll just have to trust me and believe that I got pretty big and not that fat after a year.

Then I got my actual job. I work in a health care center, and I’m in the respiratory field. I work with people with asthma and COPD, people who got tuberculosis and got screwed and now live with the consequences, and the like. The ironic part is, I’m a darn smoker myself ¬¬ Yet, when I think about it, I’m God darn good at my job. I’m good with people, I know my sh*t and I’m pretty confident at my skills and knowledge. Been working there for almost five years.

After I got my job, the gym went to hell, again. I got to take a bus and 90 minutes later, I arrive at my workplace. The same amount of time is spend getting home. So the gym thing stopped and I got fat again, up to 90 kilos. There is some pics at the “Fat Pics” page for you to see.

Finally, in mid-2008 I started to go to the gym again. This time my local YMCA, that is about 10 minutes from home. I lifted the weights and got pretty huge, in all the ways that word can be used. See, I didn’t watched my diet. So I did felt some muscles there, but there was a huge layer of fat on top of it. I guess I did a massive bulking cicle 😦 So, after a year, I attended to this little group class called Body Combat. That’s when everything changed.

I finally found a aerobic activity that didn’t bored me to death. It’s actually fun. It’s not easy to start, but after 3 weeks of not knowing what I was doing I finally got it nailed. I’m about to reach 1 year of attending this class and I’m still in love with it! It got me skinny, it has let me get to know amazing people both in real life and online, and I’m still hooked!

So now I’m back to being a skinny guy. If you think about muscles mass as big and small, and fat mass as fat or skinny… I have been there. The  big skinny guy, the big fat guy, the small fat guy… and now I’m low fat low muscles, that would make me the the skinny small guy *sight*

So, what am I up to now? Click the “PORTADA” link, and read on!



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