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You know I’m chilean, and we had an earthquake a couple of months ago. I got a pic of my gym after the thing, and just wanted to post a little though.

The city I live in wasn’t that devastated. Sure, all my light sh*t fall to the floor, but I’m speaking DVD’s, CD’s, books, etc. Just light stuff. Anything big stood up well. My LCD didn’t fall, I didn’t fall, actually anything weighting more than 1/2 kilo (1 pound) didn’t fall. My house didn’t get any cracks on the walls.We were out of water for 17 hours. And out of electricity for 20 hours. The really bad stuff happened about 450 km to the north.

But my gym was smashed. The fitness area were I do Combat was smashed. They rebuild it, and today I used it. The class was great. And even if they kinda rebuild it differently, I still use the same spot every class. How weird is that? Why all classes have this spots that you always use, and if a newbie stood there you got to give them the evil look? Like you have bought the spot? LOL Anyway this is my spot:

Obviously, that pic was taken after the earthquake. And yes, that is front row 🙂 Somedays I have “Smelly Petite Girl” at my left. Others, “50 Something Skinny Lady” at my right. Other days I got “Desperately Needed for Attention Guy” behind me, and others days is “Freakin’ Hairy Balls Dude” next to me (don’t ask for and explanation. You don’t need it. You already know what those nicknames mean, dont you?).

I have been back to the Combat for almost a month now. Chileans are not just rebuilding, and getting on our feet again. We’re freakin combating too!