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Adonis Index Program

Publicado: 10/07/2012 en progress pics, weights


So, the program whore is back. Don’t get me wrong, I was doing quite well doing workouts on my own for like… err… like two full weeks. But I couldn’t resist doing this program, since I wanted to do it for about two years!

I love the guys behind this program, and I had been following their work for a few years. I added them to facebook, even. They’re very wise, fitness like. They don’t just talk and talk and talk about fat loss and muscle building and have a crappy body themselves (I’m lookink at you, Lyle), but they do look amazingly fit and muscular and found their methods and programs in real science. What’s not to love? Why didn’t I jumped in earlier in their program???

THE THING COSTED $200 DOLLARS BACK THEN. Ands it used to cost almost freakin’ $500 dollars. YIKES, DOUBLE YIKES!!!

But, before I talk any further, let me give the quick recap. They found their whole program in the “Adonis Index”, or the golden proportion that is Phi, or 1 is to 1.618. The Golden Proportion is present in nature as

and they say this Golden Proportion makes the perfect male body. Wait, what??!?!?! It totally sounds like a fad. Until you learn that this proportion was a must in earlier sculptures, like the David…

or the Vitruvian Man…



Artists had been using this Golden proportions to make their sculptures beatiful since ever. Because this proportion just looks nice. And healthy. Sure, any women loves broad shoulders and a narrow waist (and if you are a lady and say “I don’t”, actually you love your husband/boyfriend, not his actual figure). It’s a primal thing. Broad shoulders and narrow waist in a male is just sexy, or calls respect (depending what swings your boat). So, this program calls you to try and achieve theat same Golden Ratio on to yourself, loering your body fat in the middle and building muscle in your upper body.

I don’t know, it made sense to me, and I was pulling out my wallet to buy this when I saw the price tag… $200 dollars! With tears falling down my eyes (but manly tears, do notice) I went to the future, (I was in a  before Adelle time) and sang at the top of my lungs “Nevermind I’ll find someone like yoooooo-ooouuuuu!” –> enter The Hollywood Physique program. I bought that for ust $47 and trained it with excellent results. It does work, and if you want to buy it, do so! It really works. But since I am me, I got bored after a year, and wanted something new.

Recently, I stumbled into the same Adonis Index website again, and I was very excited to the fact that the price went down quite a bit (two monthly payment of $39.95). My Mastercard never went out of the wallet so fast!!


I  shot some progress pics that will do as “Day 1” pics. Here they are:






If you have been following for a while, you’ll see that I’m rocking maintenance, and maybe (M-A-Y-B-E) gained some broader back and a little shoulders in the last months. But that’s about it, if you ask me. Let’s see what happens.

SPECIAL NOTE: I fucked it up. I was supposed to hit SAVE, not PUBLISH. So, I published a draft. Damn it. I’ll finish the post later on this week, hopefully tomorrow (since I know the draft is up and embarrasing me). Bare with me here.

SPECIAL NOTE NUMBER 2: I added the missing pics. All good now.

For all your troubles and understanding, here’s a potato:


Me: OK, go, take the pic…

Designated photographer: (SILENCE) Wait, I was recording!

Me: ¬¬’

Designated photographer: OK, 1, 2…3! *flash*

Me: OK, let me see it… What? But it doesn’t show… (LOOKS AT MIRROR, POINTS OUT BELLY TO FRIEND) But… do you see this? Or I is it just me who see it?

Designated photographer: The abs? Yeah, I see them too…

Me: But why I can’t see them in the pic?

Designated photographer: (SHRUGS) How am I supposed to know? I only came here because I was told there would be free beer…

–   o   –

Flashback a couple of days. I was in the drugstore and saw one of those scales that also measure your body fat. The kind that gives different readings if you drink a glass of water in between measurements. The kind you shouldn’t trust, EVER. Of course, I hopped on it. The first pic in this post is the results.

For the Americans, who insist on measuring stuff in Imperial nonsense, I translate:

Weight: 140,8 pounds

Height: 5,6 feet

% Body fat: 15,9%

Fat mass: 22,6 pounds

Lean mass: 118,6 pounds

BMI is normal, Body Fat % is actually below normal. Compared to who, I wonder.

So, about 4 days ago I ask a friend to take this pics, as you already read in the beggining. Here they are:

I said it before in other posts, I said it in the beggining of this one: I have a little more abs’ definition than what you see on the pics, damn it!!!  Today it hit me… maybe it’s the flash? Wait, the short video my friend recorded by accident didn’t have the flash lightening. So, of course, I uploaded the short, just-a-few-seconds vid for ya…

If you can’t see it, here are the two pics, the photo and the video thumbnail:

Without the flash, the shadow effect is clearly different. And this is with no special lights. But add the flash, and I lose abs definition because of it. Argh!

Anyways… there you have it. Progress pics at the beggining of 2012 (last year EVER).

OK, lets see if THAT title gets me some more clicks… uhu, did I said that out loud?!?!?!!?

Anyways…. do not look at the little man in the keyboard!! I’m over here, at the monitor screen!!!

So, progress pics. Are. A. Bitch. I can never get the light right, probably because I don’t know anything about photographs, and I take my pics from the IPhone camera. Oh well.

I can swear, really swear, my abs looks a little bit better in real life. But this is how they look like in a front shot with poor lighting and an Iphone camera. I see a different thing on the mirror :/

And the other shots:

Wait, did I told you about my new tattoo?

And the back view:

So, there you have it. Did I changed over the last couple of years?


Boy, I think I’m easy! Just opening my wordpress account makes me take my shirt off LOL OK, here are the “rules”:

The first pic you’ll see was taken about 2 weeks ago. The second one, was taken this Saturday (with the black Nike shorts). The first pics were taken after a weight lifting session, so there was a bit of a pump there; the second one was taken after a Body Combat class, so no pump is present. OK, ready? GO!

I had a weigh-in today. From 63,6 kilos (139.92 pounds) last week, I’m down to 62.9 kilos (138.38 pounds). That’s almost 2 pounds in a week. I want to stop losing weight while staying on the Primal Diet, so I’m going to make some changes: substitute the splash of milk in my coffee for some cream; add a fourth egg to every egg based dish; add an extra strip of bacon when using bacon; and eat two more pieces of fruit a day. We’ll see what happens.

Can you believe I actually had to write that I want to stop losing weight while on this diet lifestyle? Wicked!

Yeah, I bought a scale! A weird one, actually. It didn’t came with any instructions so problems where just asking to come up. Back in my days, you know, when I was young, scales worked with springs. But this fancy little black scale is like all dark glass and a digital display.

I put the batteries in, hop on it and… nothing. I tried 4 times, and in the last one it worked. So the scale is just like me; it works only when it feels like it, and the rest of the time it just pretends it’s working… Anyway, I found the trick to it. You need to lift it up, put it back down, wait for the 0.0 kg to flash in the display, and then weigh yourself.

Flashback to last Saturday. I woke up and did everything you’re suppose to do before weigh yourself (pee, strip down completely, yeah, I know, TMI, TMI) and, well, weigh myself. I was shocked by the number, and not in a very good way.

My height is 1,71 meters and I weigh 63.6 kilos. That’s 5.6 feet and 140 pounds, or 10 stones. I felt like a skeleton. Like the male latin version of f*ckin’ Twiggy. WTF? Way way too skinny.

So after that, I had been using extra bacon and extra EVOO and extra butter on my veggies. Instead of 1 piece of fruit, I’m eating 3 or 4 servings. I mean, since I went Primal, from where else can add more calories? I already eat enough protein so… there.

On Sunday I lifted weights and came back ready to take some progress pics. This time, aiming to buff up. Here they are:

(Disclaimer: do keep in mind I was coming back from lifting weights. So, there is a little bit of a pump there that’s not present right now).

After I took those pics, I took 2 more. A new kind of pics, and I’m actually embarrased to post them. But I took them for a reason. I took them to have some reference pics about my muscles. So I’m just gonna post them. Not gonna think about if I look ridiculous or not. Here they are, my first ever flexing pics:

There you have it. I’m feeling really vulnerable about the last 2 pics *darn it, low self-steem*If you have anything to say about those, please do click the comment button… OK, sign off *goes to corner and bite his nails*